Country Dancing

Tips for teachers to help students

Recently I viewed a video by the “Line Dance Prince” in which he listed five tips for teachers to help line dance students. I’m not sure how he gained that title, if he is self-proclaimed or next in the line of inheritance; however, since I’m...Read More »

Sorrow... and Progress

This month’s article contains two stories: one of sorrow and the second of progress; both of them about young people who I was blessed to have as students in my line dance classes. After you read my accounts of their lives, please remember that life...Read More »

Thoughts In The New Year

Over the past several months I had this article in my mind; however, I put it on the ‘back burner’ until I was ready to bare my opinions to you. What better time than expressing my thoughts in the New Year?

Honestly, I have been struggling with...Read More »

Line Dancing to an Orchestra

Over the summer months the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra was looking for line dancers to participate in their “Country Christmas Concert” to be held in December. They first reached out to the Dusty Armadillo; however, those instructors weren’t interested. Then another local teacher was contacted, but she didn’t get...Read More »

The "Younger" Generation

For this month’s article, I’m sharing three separate stories about my interactions while teaching line dance to the “younger” generation. In each circumstance, to experience their enthusiasm renewed my hope for the future of keeping line dance alive in this area.

Back in February 2018 when I wrote...Read More »

Root Theory

Since my last two articles have been about bands, I decided to spotlight one of my local favorites, Root Theory. According to their Facebook page, “Root Theory” is the bond between music and nature that proves we are...Read More »

Girls (or Guys) Night Out

For those of you who faithfully followed the Cleveland Country Magazine favorite local band contest between Julia Neville and Jessica Hannan, you know that Julia received more votes and won the spot to open for Jo Dee Messina at the Thirsty Cowboy on Saturday, September 28. Congratulations to Julia, whom I...Read More »

The Hobbs Sisters

Left to right is Hannah, Dori Yez and Lauren at the Big Butler Fair (Photo by Earl Baker)

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to dance to various bands and even more blessed to become friends with some of them while following their careers. In March 2016, when...Read More »

Our Trip to Tennessee

Photo by Dori Yez

As I’ve stated in previous articles, please support your local line dance classes; however, I feel it’s also essential to travel to experience various instructors and venues.

In the first week of June, my BRAT (Back Row Assistant Teacher) drove us on a line...Read More »

Let's Dance

For this month’s article, I have two different thoughts based on contacts I had with a few people. Since both subjects involve dancing, I’ll discuss each one…

First, a few months ago I responded to a reader comment on my article titled “Eastern Ohio Dance Venues” and thought the information...Read More »

A Line Dance Step Back In Time (Part 2)

This is a continuation of last month’s article taking a line dance step back in time with Tricia Wayne-Griffin. I ended with Tricia and her husband living in Utah; so I’ll pick up the story from there. They both attended classes to obtain their CWLDA (Country Western Line...Read More »

A Line Dance Step Back in Time (Part 1)

This is the first of a 2-part article; there were too many details that I wanted to include, so stay tuned for part 2 next month! In October 2018, I met Tricia Wayne-Griffin and recently had the opportunity to interview her; I definitely took a step back in time...Read More »

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