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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Sing Duet on “Parallel Line”


On Monday night (April 23) an intimate crowd of about 150 people had the chance to preview Keith Urban’s tenth studio album, Graffiti U at a Spotify Fans First event at Houston Station in Nashville.

Those attending had the chance to enjoy an intimate performance and a Q & A session. Urban, who performed solo with his electric guitar, played three of the 13 tracks on the record, including “Parallel Line,” which his wife, actress Nicole Kidman was coaxed to come and sing.

Urban was in the middle of explaining how an Ed Sheeran-penned song ended up on his new album when a woman in the back interrupted.

“Play it!” she yelled.

Urban stopped, smiled and chuckled. “I know that voice anywhere.”

It was Urban’s wife, who he then invited to come join him on stage. “You can come and sing it with me,” Urban teased as the crowd cheered the invitation, “and I’ll do it.

Kidman started a little reserved about performing, but then obliged and the crowd parted so she could make it to the stage. The two have sung together before and their famous 2016 carpool karaoke of “The Fighter” has received over five million YouTube views.

“Come on, baby,” Urban encouraged.

By the time Kidman reached the stage, Urban was hitting the first guitar chord for “Parallel Line,” and sat on a stool on the stage. She was singing every word, but was not amplified, so a sound tech placed a mic in front of her. Urban, quickly switched to her mic so their voices could blend. (video below)

Urban took requests to close out the performance, playing his hit single from Ripcord, “Wasted Time.”

Graffiti U will be released this Friday, April 27 and Urban will bring the accompanying tour to Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on Friday, August 10 with special guest Kelsea Ballerini.


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