Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Hottwired

Name of the Band/Act: Hottwired

When did band form: 2007

Members: Tim Wallick Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar; Donnie Casey Drums/Vocals; Steve Kolm Lead Guitar/Fiddle/Vocals; Billy Moody Lead Guitar/Vocals; Frank Mcnut Bass/Vocals

About the band: Hottwired got their start almost ten years ago and have made some personnel changes over the years, but the...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Rte. 212

Name of the Band/Act: Rte. 212

When did band form: 2016

Members: Chad Wayner Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Raj Ghahremani – Fiddle; Steve Penfound – Lead Guitar; Arthur Lewis – Bass and Rob Miller – Drums.

About the band: There was a time in country music where you almost had to have a pedal steel or...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Northern Whiskey

Name of the Band: Northern Whiskey

When did Band form: 2014

Members: Joshua Lee Nelson – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar; Bryan Patrick – Lead Guitar; Carl Fife – Drums; Rick Earnhardt – Keyboards and Garry Palcisco – Bass.

About the Band: Northern Whiskey came together after two friends, and former band mates, Palcisco and...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Jacob Frish

Name of the Act: Jacob Frish

When did Act form: 2009

Members: Jacob Frish

About the Act: Jacob Frish started playing guitar and singing when he was only 8 years old and by the time he was 14 was performing out at gigs and writing music. After a few years, and writing...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Broken Reins

Name of the Band: Broken Reins

When did Band form: 2016

Members: Wayne Webb – Lead Vocal/Guitar; Roger Bates – Lead Guitar; Gary Coole – Keyboard/Banjo/Guitar; Rocco Criazzo – Bass Guitar; Craig Pepey – Drums; Kreig Culp aka: “Big Country” – Stage Manager.

About the Band: Broken Reins originally got together last November and...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Chris Kraft

Name of the Band/Act: Chris Kraft

When did Band/Act form: 2000

Members: Chris Kraft

About the artist: Chris Kraft started playing guitar at the age of 15 and a year later was already writing songs. One of those songs, “Picture In A Box,” attracted interest from the television show Weeds and was...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: The Styles Haury Band

Name of the Band/Act: The Styles Haury Band

When did band form: 2017

Members: Styles HauryVocals/Rhythm Guitar;  Zach Albergottie – Lead Guitar; Anthony Haddad – Bass Guitar; Dan Inman – Guitar; Nigel Pinnel – Lead Guitar; Ian Harlow – Keyboard and Kyle Zacharyasz – Drums.

About the band: The members of The Styles...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: County Line Band

Name of the Band/Act: County Line Band

When did band form: 2012

Members:  Joe Stimmell – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Ted Grindstaff – Rhythm Guitar; Gabe Franks – Lead Guitar; Ben Schnell – Bass Guitar and Josh Wireman – Drums.

About the band: County Line Band originally formed when Joe Stimmel and Ted Grindstaff...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Georgia's Casual Country Trio

Name of the Band/Act: Georgia’s Casual Country Trio

When did band form: 2016

Members: Georgia Kostyack – Lead Vocalist/Guitar; Tommy Amato – Drums and Dougie Lixx Manross – Lead Guitar/Vocalist.

About the band: Georgia has been singing since she was three years old and about three years ago her Papa bought her a...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Matt Goodrich

Name of Band/Act: Matt Goodrich

When did band form: 2016

Members: Matt Goodrich

About the band:  Matt Goodrich heard “Dirt Road Anthem” on the radio and asked someone who it was singing. They said Jason Aldean, so he started to listen to more of his music and learned some of his songs...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: The DeVault Ridge Band

Name of Band/Act: The DeVault Ridge Band

When did band form: 2012

Members: Dan DeVault – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar; Amanda DeVault – Vocals; Dennis Eggerton – Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo/Harmonica; Sean Lotz – Lead Guitar; Dean Kastran – Bass and Wes Porter – Drums.

About the band: Dan DeVault and his wife Amanda started out by...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: John Dillon Hardy

Name of Band/Act: John Dillon Hardy

When did band form: 2016

Members: John Dillon Hardy

About the band: John Dillon Hardy has been a local Country music fixture since 1994, fronting bands that performed at countless venues and opened for a long list of national acts. Hardy currently performs with his own one-man...Read More »

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