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New Albums – Nov. 3


New albums dropping on Fri., Nov. 3 include Blake Shelton’s Texoma Shore, Kelsea Ballerini’s Unapologetically and Lee Brice’s self-titled project.

Blake Shelton, Texoma Shore Track Listing:

1. “I’ll Name the Dogs” (Matt Dragstrem, Ben Hayslip, Josh Thompson)
2. “At the House” (Jamie Moore, Craig Wiseman)
3. “Beside You Babe” (Abe Stoklasa, Mark Trussell)
4. “Why Me” (Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Ross Copperman)
5. “Money” (Craig Wiseman, James Bailey, Ryan Ogren)
6. “Turnin’ Me On” (Blake Shelton, Jessi Alexander, Josh Osborne)
7. “The Wave” (Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman)
8. “Got the T-Shirt” (Matt Jenkins, Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill)
9. “Hangover Due” (Craig Wiseman, Matt Dragstrem)
10. “When the Wine Wears Off” (Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman)
11. “I Lived It” (Ashley Gorley, Ben Hayslip, Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman)

Kelsea Ballerini, Unapologetically Track Listing:

1. “Graveyard” (Ballerini, Forest Glen Whitehead, Shane McAnally; *Produced by Whitehead, Massey, McAnally)
2. “Miss Me More” (Ballerini, David Hodges, Brett McLaughlin)
3. “Get Over Yourself” (Ballerini, Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally)
4. “Roses” (Ballerini, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley)
5. “Machine Heart” (Ballerini, Greg Wells, James Abrahart)
6. “In Between” (Ballerini, Jimmy Robbins, McAnally)
7. “High School” (Ballerini)
8. “End Of The World” (Ballerini, Hillary Lindsey, Lindsay Rimes; *Produced by Lindsay Rimes)
9. “I Hate Love Songs” (Ballerini, Trevor Rosen, McAnally)
10. “Unapologetically” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Hillary Lindsey)
11. “Music” (Ballerini, Robbins, Nicolle Galyon, Jennifer Denmark; *Produced by Whitehead, Massey, Robbins)
12. “Legends” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Lindsey)

Lee Brice, Lee Brice Track Listing:

1. What Keeps You Up At Night (Lee Brice, Jessi Alexander, Ross Copperman, Pete Wilson)
2. Little Things (Lee Brice, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)
3. American Nights (Mike Walker, Austin Jenckes, Jeff Middleton)
4. Boy (Jon Nite, Nicolle Galyon)
5. They Won’t Forget About Us (Lee Brice, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley)
6. I Don’t Smoke (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Jon Stone, John Bollinger) *Warren Haynes/Guitars
7. You Can’t Help Who You Love (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Ashley Gorley)
8. Rumor (Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Ashley Gorley)
9. The Locals (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Brian Bunn)
10. Songs In The Kitchen (Lee Brice, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller)
11. Story To Tell (Little Bird) (Lee Brice, Phillip Lammonds, Edwin McCain)
12. Have A Good Day (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Randy Montana)
13. Even With My Eyes Closed (Jaren Johnston, Michael Heeney, Neil Mason)
14. Dixie Highway (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Matraca Berg)
15. Best Part Of Me (Phillip Lammonds, Chris Gelbuda)

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