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Granger Smith Delivers a High Energy Show at Dusty Armadillo


It was cold in Rootstown on Friday night, but Texas native singer/songwriter Granger Smith turned up the heat and blew the doors off the Dusty Armadillo during his sold out show. Smith and his band delighted the crowd with an amazing mix of both old and new music, coupled with some extraordinary showmanship, during their high energy 90-minute set.

Special guest SmithField started the party with a solid opening set of their own. As Trey, Jennifer and their band left the stage, the fun and excitement in the building were palpable. Fans were very appreciative of this up-and-coming duo’s fine performance.

But this night, the crowd was there for Granger Smith, and it worked itself into a near frenzy with anticipation. Smith and the boys exploded onto the stage with the song “Gimme Something,” from the new album When The Good Guys Win while the shouts of Yee Yee filled the air. Smith did a masterful job of connecting with his fans, who sang every word of every song right along with him all night long. He reached out to the crowd to shake as many hands as possible and even took a couple of selfies with the fans who had positioned themselves at the front of the stage for the show.

Among the songs that drew the greatest audience response were “Raise Up Your Glass,” “Happens Like That,”  and “If The Boot Fits.” The band was tight and displayed outstanding musicianship, which helped to make Smith’s songs even that much better.

During “Don’t Tread On Me” Smith marched about the stage waving an American flag, a gesture that was not without appreciation from the packed house and they made it known with their high spirited reaction.

Smith left the stage at the end of the set, only to return as his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. With lights down low, the crowd knew what was about to come and voiced their approval as Smith appeared on stage wearing his bib overalls that have become the staple wardrobe for Dibbles. The alter ego allows Smith to be that unfiltered person that everyone wants to be, a little wild without reservation or fearing any consequence.

Dressed as Dibbles, the singer ended his night on stage playing his song “City Boy Stuck.”

Granger Smith fans who braved the cold to come out to the Dusty A weren’t disappointed with his high octane performance. Without question, a good time was had by all, y’all.

The Band
Granger Smith (vocals, guitar)
Todd Howard (lead guitar)
John Marlin (rhythm guitar)
Dusty Saxton (drums)
Jon Wisinski (bass)

The Set
“Gimme Something”
“Love Ain’t Blind”
“Backroad Song”
“Still Holds Up”
“I’m In A Hurry”
“Silverado Bench Seat”
“4 Wheel Drive”
“City Boy Stuck”
“A Little You”
“19 Forever”
“Raise Up Your Glass”
“You’re In It”
“Happens Like That”
“Don’t Tread On Me”
“If The Boot Fits”
“Country Boy Song”

Photos of Granger Smith and Smithfield by Gerard Helinski

Granger Smith
Granger Smith
Granger Smith
Granger Smith
Granger Smith
Granger Smith
Granger Smith

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  1. Niki spitzer

    February 13, 2018 at 4:42 am

    Amazing . best show ever ! Granger Smith never fails to amaze !!!!

  2. gonzalopascual

    February 25, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    thanks for your videos!

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