Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Kurt Freeman

Name of the Band/Act: Kurt Freeman

When did band form: 2017

Members: Kurt Freeman – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Mike Pappas – Lead Guitar/Bass and Kevin Hannah – Drums.

About the band: Kurt Freeman had inspirations of performing and writing his own music ever since he was in high school, when he would get together with...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Yosemite Slim

Name of the Band/Act: Yosemite Slim

When did band form: 2015

Members: Christian Tyrod – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Joel Bowers – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Nick Ballistria – Bass Guitar/Vocals and Aeneas Alldredge – Drums/Percussion.

About the band: Yosemite Slim first formed as a group that was just trying to have fun and play a few small gigs...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Coalie's Run

Name of the Band/Act: Coalie’s Run

When did band form: 2011

Members: Steve Flaughers – Lead Vocals; Jay “Uncle Jay” Wonkovich – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Todd “T-Bone” Baker – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals; Brian Ruven – Bass and Danny Wendell – Drums/Vocals.

About the band: Coalie’s Run has been out of the local Country Music scene for a...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Bare Bones

Name of the Band/Act: Bare Bones

When did band form: 2013

Members: Elliott Cox – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals; Adam Haynam – Lead Guitar/Vocals and Dan Diehl – Percussion.

About the band: Bare Bones first came together as a duo back in 2013 when Cox and Haynam set out to play acoustic country & rock shows at many...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Buckshot Band

Name of the Band/Act: Buckshot Band

When did band form: 1977

Members: MaryJo Loughner – Lead & Harmony Vocals; Tom Aden – Pedal Steel/Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Banjo; Richard Paces – Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Lead & Harmony Vocals; Guy Wharton – Bass/Vocals and George Haley – Drums/Lead & Harmony Vocals.

About the band: The...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Blackwood Steel

Name of the Band/Act: Blackwood Steel

When did band form: 2015

Members: Danielle Fulks – Vocals/Guitar; Tim Taylor – Vocals/Guitar; Jeff Schartiger – Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/Steel Guitar; Jesse Byrd – Drums and Ron Cerosky – Bass.

About the band: Blackwood Steel first came together after Schartiger and Byrd would have late-night jamming sessions that involved a...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Julia Neville

Name of the Band/Act: Julia Neville

When did band form: 2014

Members: Julia Neville – Lead Vocals; Mike Neville – Rhythm Guitar; Seth Alexander – Drums; Jason Snoddy – Bass Guitar and Nate Breidenbaugh – Lead Guitar.

About the band: Julia Neville started performing when she was only 8 years old, but it...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Rough Cut

Name of the Band/Act: Rough Cut

When did band form: 2013

Members: Rob Stell – Lead Vocals/Guitar; Joe Torrieri – Bass Guitar and Mike St. Amand – Drums/Vocals.

About the band:  Rough Cut got together after finding each other on social media. They found that they had the same musical interests and more importantly,...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Smalltown Throwdown

Name of the Band/Act: Smalltown Throwdown

When did band form: 2014

Members: Amber Wesney – Lead Vocals; Seth Marlowe – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals; Chase Dull – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Phil Wammes – Bass/Vocals and Bryan Sebetto – Drums.

About the band:  Smalltown Throwdown finds inspiration from the...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Jacob Lones

Name of the Band/Act: Jacob Lones

When did band form: 2016

Members: Jacob Lones – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Lead Guitar; Luke Hurst – Lead Guitar; Hunter Staley – Bass and Wesley Reed – Drums.

About the band:  Jacob Lones originally formed his band when he was offered a spot to perform at Mitch Kirkpatrick’s BYOP...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Erica Dawn

Name of the Band/Act: Erica Dawn

When did band form: 2015

Members: Erica Dawn – Lead Vocals; Dustin Allen – Keyboard/Acoustic Guitar/Background Vocals; Cody Gregis – Lead Guitar; Corey Gregis – Bass Guitar and Allen Lind – Drums.

About the band: Erica Dawn has had a passion for music and performing ever since she was 11-years-old and...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Hill Top Honey

Name of the Band/Act: Hill Top Honey

When did band form: 2014

Members: Albert Coccitto III – Lead Singer; Tim Stilson – Drummer/Vocals; James Fultz – Bass Guitar/Vocals; Shawn Hurst – Rhythm Guitar and Mike Billings – Lead Guitar.

About the band:  The members of Hill Top Honey started the band under a...Read More »

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