Country Dancing

The Dance of Life

For several years I have had the pleasure of teaching a lady by the name of Christine in my line dance classes. She is a Pastor, and writes an article for her coworkers every week; when she shared this one with me, I asked her permission to include most...Read More »

Out On The Dance Floor

This month I have some exciting news and updates about my adventures out on the dance floor. First, I’m happy to report that Howland SCOPE has asked me to teach another class at their facility. It will be for “true beginners” on...Read More »

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

As I promised in my January article, I would keep you posted on what SCOPE decided to do about my line dance class at their center in Cortland. Unfortunately, that location remains closed for socialization; however, I’m happy to report that my line dance classes have continued there under...Read More »

Grateful for the memories

For my first article of 2021, I was finding it difficult to pick a topic based on country line dancing, since there’s currently no places open to dance near me. I haven’t been out dancing for months and usually draw my inspiration from first-hand experiences. Even my classes at...Read More »

Review, and review again

As I’ve stated in previous articles, since I haven’t taught any lessons during the last eight months, I’ve tried to keep my line dance brain active with online classes and occasionally dancing at local venues. I must admit that I haven’t succeeded with remembering very many dances and need to...Read More »

Line Dance Updates

Since the last class I taught was at the beginning of March, and not too many places are open near me to go line dance, I decided to write an article every other month during this time. In this article I will revisit two of my past articles for...Read More »

Ballroom influenced Line Dancing

The idea for this article came to me back in February 2020, long before the pandemic and social distancing took over the world.

Since I have always wanted to learn how to dance like some of the couples I’ve watched at different venues over the last 20...Read More »

Dance Dreams

When my line dance classes were first cancelled because of the virus, I honestly didn’t think the closures would last very long. Here we are, three months later, and my sound sleep has often included dance dreams. In nearly every single one of them, there is a major...Read More »

From Ballet Shoes to Boots

In the first article I wrote for CCM, I explained my dance background. This month I want to delve into how my ballet experience has formed me into the line dancer and teacher I am today.

My first love of dance came in the ritual of ballet. I was...Read More »

What I Have Learned

During the past month I’ve had a lot of time to fill since my line dance classes have all been cancelled and I’m staying at home except for the occasional trip to the grocery store. In this article, I’ll go through a list of what...Read More »

Tips for teachers to help students

Recently I viewed a video by the “Line Dance Prince” in which he listed five tips for teachers to help line dance students. I’m not sure how he gained that title, if he is self-proclaimed or next in the line of inheritance; however, since I’m...Read More »

Sorrow... and Progress

This month’s article contains two stories: one of sorrow and the second of progress; both of them about young people who I was blessed to have as students in my line dance classes. After you read my accounts of their lives, please remember that life...Read More »

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