Country Dancing

Jewel’s Dance Hall & Saloon

In a March 2019 article I wrote titled “Eastern Ohio Dance Venues” I included a paragraph about Jewel’s Dance Hall in Austinburg. This has long been a classic honky tonk bar and now I decided to devote an entire article to share the progress of a building that was originally...Read More »

American Roller Sports Championship

In June and July 2023, the Olympic Fun Center in Hermitage, PA hosted the American Roller Sports Championship Competition. The US Roller Speed Skating races were held from June 14-18; then the American Artistic Roller Skating events took place from June 28-July 2. This rink has a special...Read More »

RDNA - High Energy Eclectic Music in Their Genes

In August, I checked a local festival’s entertainment schedule and noticed a band I had never heard of; I read their background and was intrigued by their name and history. I took my friend Linda and we both enjoyed RDNA so much that I felt compelled to write...Read More »

A Leave of Absence

If you read last month’s article, it ended with “Dori Yez no longer teaches Country Line Dancing; next month’s article will explain more.” After teaching line dance for thirty years, I decided I needed to take a leave of absence. The reasons are two-fold; I must admit it...Read More »

Patti Pisoni: Line Dance Instructor at Thirsty Cowboy

Once again, I will feature a local line dance instructor; this month’s article takes you into Patti Pisoni’s world at The Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, Ohio. I first met Patti a few years back when she attended my classes at Rolling Mills. She definitely caught the “line dance...Read More »

Cathy Kaufman: Line Dance Instructor at Dusty Armadillo

As you can tell by the title, this month’s article is about Cathy Kaufman, one of the line dance instructors at the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown. Cathy has been teaching there for 18 years; she started in January 2005. She was the instructor the first time...Read More »

Gone Too Soon

This month’s article will be an emotional one not only to write, but also for many to read. A local line dancer and teacher, David Goodman, passed away unexpectedly on April 22, 2023. I won’t share any details of his untimely death; my purpose is to...Read More »

House Party

This month I will take you on a journey starting in my late teenage years when I began listening to The J. Geils Band, up to the present, when I saw a J. Geils tribute band called House Party. If you’ve never heard of The J. Geils Band,...Read More »

The Chardon Polka Band

The title and subject of this month’s article obviously isn’t a typical one for a country music magazine. Bear with me as I take you back to my early childhood and how listening to polka music with my father eventually helped me discover some amazing musicians from the greater Cleveland...Read More »

Know Your Limit

As I have stated in previous articles, there are many different levels of line dances and classes. I currently teach seasoned beginners, improver, and intermediate levels. Some instructors have an “open door policy” when they always accept new students in their beginner classes. If someone wants...Read More »

You Made My Life Complete

In April 2022, I became a grandmother; I chose the nickname “Babka” which pays homage to my Polish ancestors. I have one son and daughter-in-law (Devin and Erica) and I thought they decided not to have a child; fortunately, they proved me completely wrong! 

From the time...Read More »

Somewhere in the Middle

Although my subject for this month’s article may draw some opinionated views, I must admit that during December I have interactions with people who truly believe that it is the “most wonderful time of the year” and also others who feel that it is the “most depressing time...Read More »

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