Country Dancing

Gone Too Soon

This month’s article will be an emotional one not only to write, but also for many to read. A local line dancer and teacher, David Goodman, passed away unexpectedly on April 22, 2023. I won’t share any details of his untimely death; my purpose is to...Read More »

House Party

This month I will take you on a journey starting in my late teenage years when I began listening to The J. Geils Band, up to the present, when I saw a J. Geils tribute band called House Party. If you’ve never heard of The J. Geils Band,...Read More »

The Chardon Polka Band

The title and subject of this month’s article obviously isn’t a typical one for a country music magazine. Bear with me as I take you back to my early childhood and how listening to polka music with my father eventually helped me discover some amazing musicians from the greater Cleveland...Read More »

Know Your Limit

As I have stated in previous articles, there are many different levels of line dances and classes. I currently teach seasoned beginners, improver, and intermediate levels. Some instructors have an “open door policy” when they always accept new students in their beginner classes. If someone wants...Read More »

You Made My Life Complete

In April 2022, I became a grandmother; I chose the nickname “Babka” which pays homage to my Polish ancestors. I have one son and daughter-in-law (Devin and Erica) and I thought they decided not to have a child; fortunately, they proved me completely wrong! 

From the time...Read More »

Somewhere in the Middle

Although my subject for this month’s article may draw some opinionated views, I must admit that during December I have interactions with people who truly believe that it is the “most wonderful time of the year” and also others who feel that it is the “most depressing time...Read More »

Down the Rabbit Hole

For those of you who personally have had a conversation with me, you know how easy it is, while telling a story, for me to go down the rabbit hole. If you don’t know what that saying refers to, it means that I can go off on...Read More »

One Last Dance

This is a follow-up to my May article about Rolling Mills Bar and Grill in Girard. At that time, I wrote this bar/dance hall was to be auctioned on May 11, 2022. The winning bidders backed out of the deal on the last day to close the sale,...Read More »

Looking Back

As I have stated before, inspiration for my articles can come from anywhere. For this month, it came to me as I was cleaning out my desk, when I found a microcassette labeled “line dance.” For those of you who might be too young to know what that is,...Read More »

From Student to Coach

Brianna Colbert and Dori Yez

In previous articles, I have mentioned my background of teaching ballet, tap, and jazz that started me on my journey as a line dance instructor. Also, during those years, I was introduced to the world of competitive baton...Read More »

Dancing and Musical Talents of DJ Jake Curry

As I have mentioned in previous articles, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different deejays. In this month’s article, I would like to share the story of meeting Jake Curry and how our lives intertwined throughout the last decade on various dance floors.

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ISO Line Dance Instructor

Over the past several months, I have lost count of the number of times I have been tagged on social media in posts titled “ISO Line Dance Instructor.” In case you live under a rock, ISO is short for “in search of” and it is used frequently by people...Read More »

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