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Drew Baldridge Finds a Groove with "Guns & Roses"

Drew Baldridge has been working hard to get his music to country fans for years, and with his 2016 debut album, Dirt On Us, he did just that. The 13-song compilation contained all but two that were co-written by the Illinois native and he really struck a...Read More »

Morgan Evans Performs at Rising Star Showcase

Morgan Evans knew what he wanted to do after he saw a Keith Urban concert in his home of Newcastle, Australia in 2004. The then 19-year-old singer/songwriter had worked in many different types of bands throughout his high school years, but realized that country music was what best suited him.

“It...Read More »

Midland Combines Traditional Music with Radio Friendly Sound

The first time that I heard the song “Drinkin’ Problem,” it stopped me in my tracks. It forced me to stop what I was doing and find out more about this band called Midland. Their modern traditionalist style, with just a bit of Nashville flair, was something I hadn’t heard...Read More »

Travis Marvin to Open Show for Aaron Lewis at Thirsty Cowboy

When you are an independent music artist, everything becomes so important in order to stay connected with your fans and the music. Social media, websites, promotions and more importantly, writing songs and performing. Aaron Lewis could see that from the first time he heard Travis Marvin back in 2015.

“A little...Read More »

Ohio Teen to Open for Colt Ford at Thirsty Cowboy

Chase Cummings is about as country as you can get. The 18-year-old Waynesfield, Ohio native enjoys working on his family’s farm, is president of his local FFA (Future Farmers of America) chapter and loves to write and sing Country Music. He will bring his music to the Thirsty Cowboy in...Read More »

Scott Coner - Building a Legacy

When it comes to the music business, in many ways to quote Kenny Rogers – “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Many people would argue that if you have any shot in hell of...Read More »

Shane Owens' "19" Delivers Military Salute

Shane Owens’ patriotic tribute song, “19” ranks among the best songs about the military, with lyrics that are reminders of what those protecting our country’s freedom face every day. The song tells the story of a local football star signing up for the military straight out of high school and...Read More »

Ohio's own Ryan Robinette releases video for "Proof is on Your Lips"

Ryan Robinette has been gaining new fans all over the world with his debut album and his first video for the song, “For Awhile.” The Ohio native has had over 3.5 million views on his Vevo video since he first released it last November. The video spent weeks in the...Read More »

Devin Dawson Performs at Rising Star Showcase

Newcomer to the country music scene Devin Dawson has a lot to look forward to these days. You may have not heard of him yet but his new single “All On Me” is an edgy mix country and a touch of soul/rock. Dawson’s new single has also been featured...Read More »

Ryan Robinette is a Small Town Boy Ready to Make it Big

There is that Hollywood story line where a small town boy makes it big. For Ryan Robinette that story line is his life.

Robinette is from Senecaville, Ohio, where the population is around 450 people. He moved to Nashville recently chasing that dream of becoming a big name in Country music...Read More »

William Michael Morgan Stays True to Country Music

William Michael Morgan has said that when he was growing up he would lock himself in his room and watch YouTube videos of artists like George Strait and Keith Whitley. Those artists were steeped in tradition in their voices and delivery of a song, so it’s no small wonder that...Read More »

Cody Johnson Adds to His Success With "Gotta Be Me"

In just the past two years Cody Johnson has sold over a half million concert tickets as a headliner and in the last year and a half his music has been streamed over 80 million times, selling 60,000 albums and 400,000 singles during that same period....Read More »

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