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Frankie Ballard Rocks the Crowd at the Lorain County Fair


The Lorain County Fair was all a buzz on Tuesday, August 23 for one reason and one reason only – Frankie Ballard.

Getting there early usually has it’s perks, and this time it definitely did. I was able to watch Ballard’s sound check – which I am told he rarely does. He tested out several of his guitars that he would play later that evening and even sang a little Frank Sinatra during his pre-show time on stage.

After the sound check some of his fans were treated to a meet & greet backstage where he took pictures and signed merchandise. Having seen Ballard several times before, it is always nice when you are recognized and Ballard never disappoints. He is someone that is very appreciative when he interacts with his fans during his meet & greets.

The main event started not too long after and Ballard started the show with a track from his new album El Rio, followed by a fan favorite, “Young & Crazy.” While the energy of the crowd may have been a bit lacking, Ballard sure made up for it on stage. If there’s one thing he can do, other than sing his butt off, it’s shred the guitar. Another highlight on the evening was when Ballard got a gentleman in the crowd involved. During “Started With a Beer,” he asked a man to join him up by the stage and they split a beer.

Ballard wrapped up the evening with an ode to a few of his idols, which included an Elvis medley and a Bob Seger classic, “Accompany Me.”

It was a great night in Wellington, Ohio at the Lorain County Fair…Rock on Frankie Ballard!

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