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For this month’s article, I have two different thoughts based on contacts I had with a few people. Since both subjects involve dancing, I’ll discuss each one…

First, a few months ago I responded to a reader comment on my article titled “Eastern Ohio Dance Venues” and thought the information I gave her might benefit those of you searching for places to line dance, not only locally, but world-wide!

In case you don’t already know, there is a World Line Dance Newsletter website that gives (pardon the pun) a world of information for line dancers. Take a moment to check it out: and you will find surveys, links, tips, plus an event calendar, along with many other options.

My suggestion to the reader was the website’s list of various places to dance, which you can find by clicking the drop-down “where to dance” and then choosing your country. If you’re in the USA, the next screen lists all the states and you simply click on the state you’re interested in for a list of venues by city. There you will find contacts and any additional information available.

My second thought concerns a recent disappointment when a local country band didn’t draw more of a dance crowd to their event, even though there was a beautiful dance floor. In the days that followed, I spoke with two men who are excellent ballroom/couples dancers and asked if they support country bands. I heard two vastly different opinions, which I would like to share.

The first gentleman (who is younger than me) stated that his dance friends NEVER go to hear country music. They support any “oldies” bands/DJs because they prefer to dance to that music. I was saddened by his statement because to me, music is music and I love to dance!

When I told the second gentleman (who is older than me) about that conversation, his opinion brightened my day. He and his wife LOVE to ballroom dance to country music, since the various songs and tempos allow them to do dances that most oldies music does not.

In conclusion, I say let’s dance to as many different bands as possible and broaden our ability to adjust to various genres. Even though as a line dance teacher, it is usually easier for me to dance to country music, I’m happy to dance to all types!!

Dori Yez teaches Country Line Dancing on Mondays at Rolling Mills Bar in Girard, Ohio and occasionally on Thursdays at the Landmark Hotel in Mercer, PA. For more information, check out their Facebook pages. Dori also teaches line dance at the Cortland Ohio SCOPE Center on Fridays.

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