Country Dancing

We Danced


In one form or another I dance every day.  Yes, even at the grocery store, at the BMV, in my kitchen while cooking, and embarrassingly with my friends at restaurants.  Music comes on and my body moves.  Dancers know exactly what I am talking about.

Last Friday was the summer season closer at Blossom Music Center.  Lindsay Ell, Chase Bryant, Dustin Lynch and Brad Paisley put on an amazing show to a nearly sold out crowd.  Yes, we danced the entire time.  Actually we started dancing 3 hours before the show even started.

Country boys, country girls, boots, cutoff shorts, corn hole, beersbie, beer pong, Yeti coolers, coozies, BBQ grills, red cups with refreshments, pickup trucks, and of course TAILGATES.  The air was warm peaking at 91 degrees but the tailgate action was much, much hotter than that.

Cue Lee Brice “Parking Lot Party” background music.

People “tailgate” for many reasons.  Friends socialize, there are drinking games, you can host a party by your vehicle, some travel from party to party, and some consume certain adult beverages with a strange little device constructed from a funnel and a couple feet of garden hose.  Not sure what that’s all about but it looks fun.

Several of us are associated with a local line dancing team called LDMF and when it comes to tailgating, well, we’re talking next level stuff here.  According to the team’s Facebook page, LDMF is all about dance, travel, fun, and positivity.  The LDMF team is usually tailgating in the preferred parking lot near the entrance of the venue and yes, you will find us dancing there.  Generator, a whole mess of speakers, t-shirts, free water, and of course free line dancing for anyone that wants to jump in.  No line dance experience?  Not a problem – LDMF will help you learn!  More than 100 people stopped by.

(L-R) Chase Bryant, Lindsay Ell, Brad Paisley and Dustin Lynch at Blossom Music Center.

When you are having fun, 7pm comes around quickly.  After a quick clean-up of the party, we went inside for the show, and it was an unbelievable experience in the pit.  I managed to snap a few great shots of the artists (see above) and so did my buddy Rod Flauhaus.  If you haven’t already done so, check out Rod’s Concert Review and Photo Slideshow.

So we danced for hours before the show.  Then we danced during the show.  After the show we decided we were hungry and wanted to do yes, even more dancing.  We pulled out of Blossom and headed out to the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina to close out our night.  We made it just in time for one of their delicious burgers and of course danced until closing at 2am.

Long day, can’t wait to do it again.  Dancers know what I’m talking about.

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