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Blake Shelton Can’t Recognize Gwen Stefani Song on Tonight Show


Blake Shelton may have a little explaining to do to girlfriend Gwen Stefani after he played the Name That Song Challenge on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the game the show’s band, Roots, plays a song one instrument at a time and Fallon and Shelton tried to guess the song title. When they began to play Stefani’s hit “Hollaback Girl,” Shelton was clueless. Fallon figured it out first and hit the button, but before he answered he looked at Shelton and said, “All I know is that Blake is in a lot of trouble right now.”

Fallon did try to comfort Shelton by telling him that the could take out that segment. “We could edit it out and have you say it,” he said. Shelton responded, “I came to this show to promote my album and I’m losing everything! Everything in my life!”

When they got back to the game, Shelton had a request for the band. “Quit playing my girlfriend’s songs, man,” Shelton said. “It screws me up.”

The band didn’t listen and had a little more fun with him and played “Hollaback Girl” when Shelton came out for his interview.

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