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Brad Paisley & Friends Throw the Ultimate End of Summer Country Party At Blossom Music Center


Brad Paisley sure knows how to play guitar. He also knows how to put on one great country music party. Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant and Lindsay Ell all helped to close out the summer season at Blossom Music Center with an almost 4-hour concert that kept everyone in attendance thoroughly entertained.

Paisley is a rare breed in Nashville and what the country music industry considers a “triple-threat.” He writes most of his own material, sings and plays lead guitar. He is also very hands on when it comes to the production of his shows. He takes an active role in everything you see during the performance including the design of the stage, the videos and even drawing some of the animations that play on the video screens behind him. When most artist seem to hand aspects of their career off to other people, Paisley takes pride in planning and putting on a show that is uniquely “him.”

It is refreshing to attend a country music concert and watch a performer who is truly gifted. His guitar playing is on par with some of the top guitar players of any genre. Paisley’s playing pays homage to the many great country guitar players of past generations while setting new standards for future country guitarists.

Opening with his latest hit, “Last Time For Everything,” Paisley kept the show gong full-blast with hit after hit. His band was flawless and provided the perfect accompaniment for Paisley to let loose and show his almost unnatural abilities on guitar. Chances are that no matter what song is your favorite, you heard it on Friday.

One highlight of the evening was when Paisley stopped during a song, took a pen, autographed the telecaster he was playing and gave it to a little girl in the audience. “That’s how you create a future Taylor Swift,” he told the audience. “Perhaps we will see you up here in 10 years,” he told the little girl. Another poignant moment came when he brought some soldiers and thanked them for their service. He then let them stay on stage for the remainder of the show at a special “on-stage bar” where they could enjoy a drink and the show.

As is typical with most large country concert tours these days, Paisley brought out the opening acts one by one to join him on some of his songs. Chase Bryant joined in singing and playing guitar on “American Saturday Night” while Dustin Lynch provided the perfect companion to sing “I’m Still A Guy.”  Newcomer Lindsay Ell joined Paisley on a great rendition of “Whiskey Lullaby,” a song he originally recorded with Alison Krauss.

Opening the show on Friday was Ell, and while the pavilion was not very full during her performance this time, there is no doubt that she will soon be playing to much larger audiences. It is refreshing to see a new female artist that is different and unique coming out of Nashville these days. She will be returning to Northeast Ohio in October to play the Dusty Armadillo and if you get the chance, don’t miss her. Even though she had only 25 minutes for set, she put on a great show.

Bryant created a big impression a couple of years when he came on the scene but has not been to visible of late, but is currently working on a new record. His performance was solid and polished and it was good to see him back on the road.

Lynch has been a fast riser among the new generation of male country vocalists. He just released a new album in early September and this tour is providing fans with a great combination of cuts from the new release plus all the fan favorites. Lynch has a true “country-voice” and looks like the modern cowboy with his wide-brimmed hat and trademark smile. His band was tight and full of energy. Lynch enjoys performing and took advantage of Blossom’s big stage by moving around and interacting with all the fans that came to see him. No doubt that he will soon be headlining Blossom on his own.

It was a great way to end the summer and the perfect show to help carry all of us through the long winter ahead until the Blossom season next summer.

Weekend Warrior Tour at Blossom Music Center 9.22.17

Brad Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant and Lindsay Ell on the Weekend Warrior Tour 2017 at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on 9.22.17
Brad Paisley

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