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Cody Johnson Signs Partnership with Warner Music Nashville


When Cody Johnson’s self released independent album Gotta Be Me made it’s debut at #2 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart in 2016, all of Nashville took notice. Now one of those major labels has inked a deal with the former rodeo cowboy.

In an announcement made on Monday (June 19) Warner Music Nashville stated that they have signed on Johnson, who has a produced six albums on his own and racked up over 300 million streams of his music.

His loyal fan base has just kept growing too, partly because of his Texas-proud swagger and the honesty of his music. In his live shows he brings a Garth Brooks-like conviction while sharing songs that are true to life and is willing to lay those emotions out in his performances.

Johnson was the first independent artist to sell out the Houston Rodeo at NRG stadium earlier this year with nearly 75,000 there to see him light up the stage. He has also been touring extensively throughout the country and in 2017 alone he sold over 350,000 tickets to his concerts.

He has stated before that he didn’t need a major label to help him sell his music and it’s hard to imagine that he is selling out to the big record company. With the deal minted as CoJo Music/Warner Music Nashville it seems the record executives probably won’t mess with his brand of true country music and instead will help him as he joins forces with the WMN radio team. At least that is what we are hoping for and looking forward to hearing more Cody Johnson on the airwaves.

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