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Country Redford’s Debut Release Provides Local Soundtrack For Summer


If you are a fan of local country music, then you are likely to be a fan of Country Redford. Hailing from Ashtabula & Lake counties in Northeast Ohio, these five guys have been taking the local country music scene by storm over the past year.

Originally formed in 2013 by lead singer Scott Redford in memory to his parents, the band has focused right from the start on developing a solid fan base and delivering a well-rehearsed, fun and exciting show.

Their hard work has been paying off as the band’s popularity has been growing rapidly and the fan base now reaches several counties throughout Northeast Ohio. Now with the release of their debut EP, the band’s popularity is sure to get even larger.

Blue Skies & Summer Nights is the title of the Country Redford’s release and the six songs provide a perfect soundtrack for the summer. Modern country music is designed to get you up and dancing and singing along to catchy melodies and strong harmonies. The guys in Country Redford have done their homework as the songs on this EP showcase their tight rhythm section highlighted by Redford’s unique vocal abilities, reminiscent of the sound of modern country music on the radio today.

While Redford’s vocals are showcased throughout the entire EP, the strength of Country Redford is their ability to perform and play together as a solid band. The band members – Redford, Adam Davis, Aaron Davis, Chris Preneta and Tom Awesome – bring something unique to the group and their ability to work off of each other is one of the big factors to the success of their lives shows and to this recording.

If you are a fan of their live shows, then you will definitely like this EP. As a whole, the six songs work well together and provide a solid debut for the group. And while all of the songs together provide for a great listening experience, there are a couple of tracks that really stand out.

The title track, “Blue Skies & Summer Nights” is sure to be a favorite at their live shows. With it’s catchy chorus and strong modern dance groove, there is no doubt that the dance floor will surely be packed when this song is played. It is also a great song to play loudly on your car stereo while riding around this summer enjoying the beautiful Northeast Ohio summer nights.

Perhaps the most personal song is “Two Heroes” which is moving tribute to Scott’s parents. The lyrics are sure to touch anyone who has lost a parent and is still haunted by their loss. It is rare in today’s modern country music to hear a song that is so personal and raw with emotion.

The EP closes with, “Best Damn Girl,” which pays homage to the influence that classic rock has had on modern country music. You can easily hear influences of Tom Petty and other classic rock of the 80’s on this track. The song shows how easily Country Redford is able to combine their influences to deliver songs that sound both familiar and new at the same time.

Be sure to catch these guys live. They bring a party with them wherever they play. Country Redford will be celebrating the release of the debut EP with two special release parties. The first will be Friday, April 20 at the Willoughby Brewing Company and then again on Saturday, April 21 at Jewels Dance Hall in Austinburg. If you cannot make either of these shows, then be sure to catch Country Redford this summer at a club near you!

Find out more about Country Redford and get show updates on their Facebook page, or their website.

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