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Dancing and Musical Talents of DJ Jake Curry


As I have mentioned in previous articles, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different deejays. In this month’s article, I would like to share the story of meeting Jake Curry and how our lives intertwined throughout the last decade on various dance floors.

Back when I was teaching at Bootleggers in Yankee Lake, OH, the dance floor was large so it enabled a wide variety of dancers to show their talents. The majority line danced, but there were also free style dancers and a lot of couples too. When I first saw Jake, I didn’t know what type of couple dancing he was doing, because I honestly had never seen it before.

I watched him lead his partner(s) around the floor in what looked like a modified two-step with his own variations. He was a very good dancer and since I was curious, I struck up a conversation with him. He confirmed my suspicion, and over the years at Bootleggers, I watched him progress to add more intricate steps, combinations, and turns.

Jake also knew how to line dance, and I learned some from him that were favorites of his friends. He was familiar with several couples’ line dances, including one of my favorites called the Sweetheart Sway. On top of his dance ability, Jake also sat in on drums with the band Refuge (from Erie, PA) one night when they played there!

When Bootleggers closed, I didn’t run into Jake too much until I started teaching line dance at the Landmark Hotel in Mercer, PA. That was where “Jake the Dancer” turned into “DJ Jake” because he was a DJ there. It was fun to reconnect with him; especially since he is a dancer, we had camaraderie as DJ and instructor.

Unfortunately, my gig there came to an end and I didn’t see Jake until he attended one of the Country Nights at Rolling Mills in Girard, OH. I was no longer teaching at Rolling Mills, but I would attend the monthly event to lead as many line dances as I could. The DJ wasn’t drawing a big crowd there; Jake’s girlfriend Jordan suggested to the bar manager they should give Jake a chance.

In my opinion, that is one of the best decisions the management made there. DJ Jake not only drew a diverse crowd (young and old alike) but he also knew how to keep dancers on the floor. In addition, he still line dances, and throws in some partner dancing too! DJ Jake made those months of Country Nights successful and fun; however, as I mentioned in my May article, Rolling Mills recently went up for auction. They are still in the process of selling; fortunately, Jake is scheduled there for another Country Night on July 22nd from 7-11 pm.

If you need a DJ for an event, party, or wedding, take my advice and contact Jake. He plays all genres of music, not just country! You can find him on Facebook (Jake Curry) and Instagram @st8kfarmjake899.

Here’s a classic line dance that Jordan taught me at the Landmark:


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