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Easton Corbin Entertains with His Show at Hard Rock Rocksino


This past Saturday (2/11/17) Easton Corbin gave quite the performance at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield. The crowd was a bit different than the usual show at some of the usual country concert venues in the area. There were concert goers of all ages, which goes to show just how inclusive country music is for its listeners. One concert goer referred to Corbin as our generation’s George Strait and another said he looked like a young Luke Bryan. There were no show openers, which was a change. However, the band was quite large and showed how much fun they have together. The show was only about an hour long, but it was a good time.

Easton’s band opened up with Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk,” which definitely got the crowd ready for the show. Following the Mar’s cover the venue filled with some country night sounds, crickets chirping and a banjo playing. Corbin entered the stage and started his show with the popular song “Digging on You” from his third album.  Next up on the set list was crowd favorite “Loving You is Fun,” which had everyone loved and sang along.

Returning to his older albums he played “Clockwork” from his 2015 album About to Get Real. He followed with the song “Are You With Me,” which was on his sophomore album and later added to his third album to be released as a single. He followed with “Roll With It,”  his second number one single form his first album and another crowd favorite.

Corbin took a short break from his show to make a special announcement for some fan club members. Corey and Amanda chose to do their baby gender reveal at his show and asked if he could do it for them. After polling the crowd to see what everyone thought they were having he pulled out a pink sheet of paper announcing they would be having a baby girl. He followed up their good news with his brand new single “A Girl Like You,” talk about a nice segue. Proving once again he loves his fans and what he does, he saw a girl with a sign asking to sing “I Can’t Love You Back” with him. He told her they would sing it together after the show at the meet and greet and proceeded to dedicate the song to her.

Just to make things interesting Corbin shared a story about how he and his guitar player had placed a fishing bet. The terms were simple, whoever caught the biggest fish on their fishing trip won and if he lost he had to sing a song of the guitar players choosing and if his guitar player lost he had to wear a dress for the show. According to Corbin he lost the bet and he then had to sing his own version of the popular Justin Bieber song “Love Yourself.” The crowd loved it and sang along.

He ended his set with his very first number one singe which was also his debut single “A Little More Country Than That” and “Baby Be My Love Song”.” However, this was just not enough for the crowd who demanded an encore. He came back out and performed a covers of Tracy Byrd’s “I’m From the Country” and Brooks and Dunn’s “Brand New Man.” He closed his show with “All Over the Road,” the title track from his second album.

The show was more laid back than some but it was a good time. Being that it was held in a casino everyone was 21 or over it was a more mature audience. Sure there were the hardcore fan club fans up front but once you got past the first few rows everyone else was able to enjoy the music from their seats with the help of two giant screens on either side of the stage. If you haven’t seen Easton Corbin live it is something you need to look into!

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