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Tyler Farr Makes Dusty Crowd “Redneck Crazy”


Unseasonably warm temperatures combined with the frenzy of the sell-out crowd brought the heat to the Dusty Armadillo as Tyler Farr took the stage on Saturday night, February 18. First, the audience warmly received another Dusty alum, Clark Manson, for his set of songs. But there was no denying who everyone was clearly there to see.

Farr, who has sold out all four of his shows at the Dusty Armadillo, is clearly a fan favorite. Amid flashing lights and smoke, he entered the stage rocking a brand-new upbeat song, “Cooter Brown.” It didn’t matter that the crowd didn’t know the lyrics, because they were dancing right along. He then kicked it up a notch with his 2013 hit, “Whiskey in My Water” and invited the crowd to raise their drinks with “Ain’t Even Drinkin’” and “Poor Boy.”

The newlywed Farr, could frequently be seen looking to the side of the stage and smiling, where his new bride, Hannah, was watching the show. It is obvious he is thoroughly enjoying his headlining “A Little Too Farr Tour” with her at his side. He joked with the audience after removing his jacket, revealing a camouflage t-shirt underneath, upon hearing a female in the audience yelling for him to remove more. He retorted, “Bare arms and tattoos, this is all you get! My wife is right over there!

His heartwarming latest single, “Our Town,” makes you get nostalgic about your own hometown. No matter where you come from, you can hear lyrics to relate to with this one. The next song, “Better in Boots,” was clearly one of the favorites of the ladies in the crowd, as they were singing every word. Another popular song is “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.,” although it was never released as a single, the fans definitely know this one.

Farr asked the audience to look around at the friends they are with and appreciate them, as he began singing the tune that he wrote with one of his own best friends, Jason Aldean, “Damn Good Friends.” He next debuted another new song, “Underdogs,” that will appear on his forthcoming third album, which is also being produced by Aldean, set to be released later this year.

Once again referencing his beautiful bride, who makes him a “Hot Mess,” he sang this fun song, which was his first single that he released off his debut album, “Redneck Crazy,” in 2012. Farr informed the audience that the very first time he heard himself on the radio was when he was traveling from Cleveland to Rootstown for a show at the Dusty Armadillo, and 94.9 WQMX played “Hot Mess,” so this area holds a special place in his heart.

He then slowed things down a little bit for the ballads “Withdrawals” and “Suffer in Peace.” After experiencing some sound difficulty with the microphone, he didn’t want the audience to miss any part of the latter song, as it is one of his favorites, so he picked it up again where the mike had left off.

The audience went crazy for the next song, “Redneck Crazy,” as everyone can relate to that one love that they just cannot let go. Farr and the rest of the band then exited stage to put his drummer in the spotlight for a high-energy, strobe-light infused solo. They returned to the stage to round out the evening with an unusual but very energetic cover of “Your Love” by The Outfield. This classic pop song from the 80’s was on the charts when he was just one-year old. It was an unexpected twist to hear Farr’s classically-trained, raspy voice on one of the most popular sing-along songs from 32 years ago.

Farr closed out the night with his first and thus far, only number one single, “A Guy Walks Into a Bar,” from his sophomore album, “Suffer In Peace.” After experiencing Tyler Farr’s music live and up close and feeling the energy the audience continually gave back to him, there is no doubt that he will have more number one songs in his future.

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