Country Dancing

How It All Started


Audrey (L), and Dori (R) in the spring of 1978 after a performance at Buhl Park in Sharon/Hermitage, PA.

In previous articles, I mentioned that my dance career began at a studio in western PA. For this month’s article, I would like to pay homage to my first dance teacher, Audrey Pollock, who owned and operated Dance Center Studios with locations in Sharon, Mercer, and Slippery Rock. I gratefully recall those days, because that’s how it all started.

If not for Audrey’s guidance, I would not be the dancer/performer and, most importantly, teacher that I am today. During classes, recitals, and plays, she instilled in me a love of dance and theater. When I was selected to become one of her student teachers, her significant influence grew and I have continued to carry it with me through the years into my current classes.

You might be wondering how dancing onstage in recitals could transfer to how I teach line dance class now. Audrey taught me (and countless other dancers) how to constantly move positions to our “spike mark diagonals” while continuing to execute our dance steps. When I am teaching class now, several of my students have praised me for my ability to travel around the floor while not missing a single step of the dance. Here is one of my favorite dances to accomplish this feat:

Tequila Little Time

Many years ago, Audrey stated that anyone, if given the proper instruction, can dance; but only those who have the “valuable gift” are able to teach others. She was an integral part of how it all started, and I was blessed to teach with her. Recently I received this email from one of my line dance students; when I read it, my mind automatically thought of Audrey. She inspired me to become the best teacher I could possibly be. I edited the email for content:

“I want to mention that I’ve been a teacher for 43 years. So, besides teaching, I’ve been around a lot of teachers for a lot of years. And I just want to tell you how much I admire you as a teacher. You are a natural teacher and you are excellent! You take things step by step, gradually in perfect timing. You recap and blend the steps together. You inquire about the needs of the students, you encourage, and you show concern. Not all teachers do all of that; especially dance teachers.  I have also heard people in the class who have mentioned that quite a few times. I just wanted to let you know because often teachers don’t get a chance to hear that.” – E.C.

Dori Yez teaches Country Line Dancing at these Ohio SCOPE Centers: Howland on Monday evenings (Beginners) and Wednesday evenings (Seasoned Beginners & Intermediate) plus the same level in Cortland on Friday afternoons. Due to room size and attendance, Dori can no longer accept new students in either of her Howland classes. There is a waiting list for a new “true beginner” class. She is accepting additional dancers in the Cortland class.

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