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Jamboree In The Hills Put on Hiatus for 2019


If your plans every summer included attending the longest-running country music festival, you will have to come up with something else for the 4-days in July. Live Nation yesterday announced that the 41-year-old Jamboree In The Hills in Morristown, Ohio will be put on hiatus for 2019. The organizers released a statement that sent many long time JAMBO attendees into a panic about what the future holds for the festival.

“Jamboree in the Hills will be on hiatus for 2019 while we consider options regarding the future of the Belmont Country, OH festival site,” the organizers announced Wednesday (11-7) morning. “We will provide an update when more details are available. We are grateful for the community support since the festival’s inception.”

Live Nation has owned Jamboree in the Hills since 2005 when it was part of the deal when they split from Clear Channel. In 2015 they made changes to many long-standing policies of the event, including not allowing campers to be able to bring their own coolers, food, or beverages on site. The changes had many attendees upset and they started to revolt against the new rules everywhere on social media. After the onslaught of pressure from the public, Live Nation went back to the old rules with some slight changes.

Most recently Live Nation has been met with criticism for the roster of acts booked for the festival. What originally started out as a mix of traditional and contemporary country acts was becoming dominated by newer and more mainstream acts over the past few years.

More information will be posted as it becomes available on what the future holds for what is affectionately called the “Super Bowl of Country Music” by it’s fans.

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