Country Dancing

Light At The End Of The Tunnel


As I promised in my January article, I would keep you posted on what SCOPE decided to do about my line dance class at their center in Cortland. Unfortunately, that location remains closed for socialization; however, I’m happy to report that my line dance classes have continued there under the fitness guidelines!

Also, I received a message from the line dance instructor who previously taught at the Howland SCOPE Center; she decided to not continue her classes there. That location is also currently closed for social purposes, but remains open for fitness activity. I was fortunate to be approved by the SCOPE director to teach classes there; I started at the beginning of February!

Nationally, most (if not all) line dance workshops have been cancelled or held with reduced attendees; which gave choreographers more time to create new dances. To start my recent classes in Howland, I chose to teach these dances by some of my favorite choreographers:

Pick Her Up

Slowing Down

Locally, the Dusty Armadillo resumed their Friday night line dance lessons with Cathy Kaufman on February 19, so I can’t help but get the feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After all these months of bars either being closed, or limited in their capacity, hopefully more dance floors will be opening up again!

Speaking of opening, Rolling Mills Bar & Grill in Girard has reopened and their DJs will be back on Wednesday and Saturday nights in the ballroom. Wednesdays will be oldies and dance music for couples; hopefully on Saturdays the DJ will play some line dance music that includes country.

After I venture out to the Dusty for lessons and open dance at Rolling Mills, I’ll update you on the dances, music, and crowds. In the meantime, I’m content with teaching for SCOPE.

Dori Yez teaches Country Line Dancing at these Ohio SCOPE Centers: Howland on Wednesday evenings and Cortland on Friday afternoons. Depending on interest and availability, she may resume teaching lessons at Rolling Mills Bar & Grill in Girard, Ohio. 

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