Country Dancing

Grateful for the memories


For my first article of 2021, I was finding it difficult to pick a topic based on country line dancing, since there’s currently no places open to dance near me. I haven’t been out dancing for months and usually draw my inspiration from first-hand experiences. Even my classes at Cortland Ohio Scope Center, which I just started back teaching in November, may not continue. I was informed that Scope decided to close that location, so I’ll keep you posted!

Eventually I took a break from my writer’s block and ended up on YouTube in search of a clip that was completely unrelated to my quest of an article theme. Then, lo and behold, I ended up watching a video that took me back to 2017 (thanks to Wendy for filming). The event jogged my memory and gave me a reason to be grateful that it was not only captured, but posted online for me to find!

First a little background before I share the link; as I have previously mentioned in past articles, I taught line dance at Yankee Bootleggers Saloon from 2012 until they closed in 2019. Back in its heyday, the management and DJ would book all the bands. One time they asked me if I knew any local bands who I would suggest to play there. I had recently heard a country band by the name of Bishop Road and thought they would do well at Bootleggers.

They ended up playing on that stage several different times; why I was so happy to view this video is that there are quite a few of my “regulars” on the dance floor with me and I immediately started remembering all the various people I met while teaching there. Throughout the years, I ended up meeting and teaching many others at bars that are now unfortunately closed; however, that doesn’t detract from the fact that I taught some wonderful dancers, and I’m extremely grateful for those memories!

Here is the video:

Here is the link to the step sheet of the dance we’re doing in the video:

Dori Yez hopes to resume teaching Country Line Dancing in Cortland. Possibly, if Rolling Mills Bar in Girard reopens their dance floor, she can restart her classes there. 

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