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Michael Ray and Carly Pearce Celebrate Engagement


Congratulations to Michael Ray and Carly Pearce who announced their engagement on Saturday (Dec. 22) through their social media posts. The couple, who first revealed they were dating back in July, were vacationing in Tulum, Mexico when Ray got down on one knee and proposed to Pearce.

Ray, 30, announced the engagement via Instagram, posting a photo of himself proposing on bended knee to an ecstatic Pearce, who covered her face with joy as he popped the question.

“Dec 19, 2018 My life forever changed for the better,” Ray wrote in his message. “I got down on one knee in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and looked into the eyes of the most beautiful soul I have ever known and asked her to be my wife!!”

Ray shared that he was “glad we have forever together my love cause it is gonna take every second of it for you to understand how much I truly adore, respect, honor and love you!”

Concluding the sweet note, Ray wrote, “You are gonna be MY WIFE ?!!!!!!!!! Thank you for choosing me honey I can’t wait to walk life with you. Yo family get ready I’m bringing my FIANCÉ home for Christmas!!”

In her own post, Pearce, 28, wrote, “Earlier this week, the man of my dreams got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. All in one simple ‘yes’, I said ‘yes’ to love, ‘yes’ to peace, ‘yes’ to faithfulness, ‘yes’ to respect, ‘yes’ to kindness, ‘yes’ to trust, ‘yes’ to patience and ‘yes’ to never settling. Michael, I would’ve married you the first night we hung out because I knew then you were the one. You will always be my most precious example of God’s timing and His love for me.”

Pearce also continued the post with, “I have found my home in you & will love you with everything I have forever and a day. WE ARE GETTIN’ MARRIED, BABY! ?❤️ John 13:7 Jesus replied ‘You don’t understand what I’m doing, but someday you will’. #OMGIHAVEAFIANCE #LOOKATTHATRING.”

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