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Miley Cyrus showed her Country Roots with “Jolene”


There’s no denying that Miley Cyrus is a pop sensation, but with a dad who was a country radio staple in the 90’s and a godmother named Dolly Parton, she definitely has some of her roots planted firmly in country music.

Back in 2012 she recorded “The Backyard Sessions” which included some of her favorite songs and luckily one of those was Parton’s 1973 iconic hit, “Jolene.” She had performed the song with Parton before, and since, but the backyard performance really opened up her fans to a different side of the singer. In the videos, the then-20-year-old Cyrus and her band also played covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Melanie and James Shelton.

In the years since, Cyrus has made “Jolene” a staple of her live shows and TV appearances and reprised her duet with Parton on an episode of The Voice in 2016. We just couldn’t help to think about what a traditional country album from Cyrus would sound like and had to go back to watch the “The Backyard Session” version, which has racked up more than 153 million views to date.

Watch “The Backyard Sessions” version and a duet with Parton from 2010 on “Jolene” below.

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