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Monica Robins to Undergo Another Brain Surgery


Two years ago Monica Robins, Senior Health Correspondent at WKYC Channel 3 – Cleveland, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had surgery performed to remove the majority of it. Surgeons were forced to leave some of it in due to concerns over Monica’s safety.

“They had to leave behind four tumors,” Robins explained. “Every six months, I’d have an MRI to make sure these things weren’t growing. I knew the whole time there was a risk of that happening.”

“As luck would have it, the one in my eye socket decided to spread, and it grew into my sinus and again it’s in my bone, so I have to go back into surgery.”

The tumor eventually spread into Robins’ cavernous sinus, an area that also contains the carotid artery and the nerves that control eye movement.

“I thought I was going to have to have another craniotomy to remove it, but fortunately for me, I live in Northeast Ohio,” she said. “Back in May, the Cleveland Clinic began doing a new type of minimally invasive procedure for my type of tumor. It’s called Transorbital Neuroendoscopic Surgery, or the TONES procedure.

Robins’ will return to the hospital for the surgery in mid-December and will face months of recovery. The doctors will reach the tumor through Robins’ left eye using an incision along the crease in her eyelid.  After a few weeks doctors will reassess the results of the surgery, and if necessary perform additional procedures.

Until then Robins will continue with her duties at WKYC and with her two bands – the Whiskey Kings and the Ninja Cowboys. The latter will be performing their last show before Robins’ surgery on Friday, October 29 at Harvest Saloon in Strongsville.

“Northeast Ohio got me through the first one,” she wrote on Facebook. “I am grateful for all of you and deeply appreciate the healing energy you all sent my way. I’ll bring you along on this journey too.”

We will keep Monica in our thoughts and prayers and wish her the speediest recovery possible.

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