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Parmalee Brings High Energy Show to Thirsty Cowboy


Saturday night at the Thirsty Cowboy was the place to be this past weekend! While numerous bands have performed at this venue, it’s the returning favorites like Parmalee that bring in the crowds. These small town boys returned for their fourth show at the Thirsty and it was not hard to see why. While they may hail from the small town of Parmele, North Carolina, there is nothing small about their sound or performance! The high energy show was a mix of Southern Rock and Country Twang. Even when they paused to slow down their set, the energy was still flowing. Playing songs from their journey to fame and even giving fans a taste of their new album, Parmalee knew what their fans wanted.

Before they even hit the stage, Parmalee got the crowd revved up and ready. The bass was pumping and the lights were flashing and dancing red and white, making it hard for anyone not to start moving along with the beat. Opening their show with “I’ll Bring the Music” it was clear to see Parmalee was there to perform and not just play music. Once they had the audience moving and ready to go they transitioned into fan favorite “Already Calling You Mine.” Lead singer Matt Thomas’ charismatic smile combined with his smooth voice definitely caught the ladies’ attention.

Matt Thomas of Parmalee

After getting the audience hooked with songs they were familiar with, they previewed a few new songs from the upcoming album. “American Nights” is exactly what one would assume it is. It’s the song that will be playing out of someone’s speakers while they sit around a bonfire on a Friday night. It had a beat that you want to bounce along with and lyrics that are easy to pick up and sing along. Once again catering to their female audience they premiered “Kiss,” a mid-tempo love song. The song perfectly captures the feelings a couple have the first time they touch and that electricity that just pulls them to the other person.

Switching gears back to the Carolina album, they played “Close Your Eyes,” “Day Drinking,” and their debut single “Musta Had a Good Time.” The audience sang along with every word and really got into the party mood needed to really enjoy these songs. “Roots,” Parmalee’s newest single, is a soulful song that draws the listener in and slowed the set down for a few minutes. It’s a song anyone can relate to and reminds them of home. This gave the audience a chance to sit back and catch their breath. Picking up the pace a little bit was another song from the new album, “Sunday Morning,”another sweet love song. What was great about the entire band is when they sing and when they play you can see the emotions they felt while they were writing it.

Once everyone caught their breath the party kicked back into high gear with “Hotdamalama.” This upbeat party song got everyone up and moving. The crowds energy was clearly reaching the stage because lead guitarist and keyboardist Josh McSwain and bass player Barry Knox were up on the speakers, grinning ear to ear, playing to the crowd. It’s not hard to see how much they enjoy performing.

Barry Knox of Parmalee

Slowing down the set again for a more intimate feel was another new single, “Last Night.” Drummer and brother of Matt, Scott Thomas, came out from behind the drums to play the Cajon, or box drum, giving the audience a chance to see him in action without a giant drum set in front of him. They kept it fun, but relaxed with a drinking song called, “Mimosas.” A fun catchy tune about curing the Sunday morning hangover.

After a montage, they closed the show with, “Think You Oughta Know (That),” “Dance,” and their number one single “Carolina.” It’s not hard to see why they are quickly making their ways up the charts again. This band clearly enjoys what they do and put every ounce of energy in making every show the best show possible.

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