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Patti Pisoni: Line Dance Instructor at Thirsty Cowboy


Once again, I will feature a local line dance instructor; this month’s article takes you into Patti Pisoni’s world at The Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, Ohio. I first met Patti a few years back when she attended my classes at Rolling Mills. She definitely caught the “line dance bug” and quickly transformed from student to teacher. 

Patti first started line dancing in August of 2019. When COVID shut everything down, she started teaching in her basement; they would have people over so she didn’t “lose her mind.” Patti learned at least one dance a day! During that experience, she realized that she loved dancing so much and wanted to share that joy by teaching. 

When Patti was younger, she wanted to dance every night but noticed that there weren’t many young people interested anymore. Patti felt like the dances being taught were old and tired. A year ago, she was thrilled to land the instructor position at The Thirsty Cowboy to bring fresh new music there that excites the younger people. She feels it is their time to shine! 

The biggest challenge Patti faces while teaching at Thirsty is finding dances that have the perfect amount of ass shaking. If you have ever been there, you will completely understand how important that is; if you haven’t experienced Thirsty, make it a point to go! When Patti chooses dances for her lessons, she tries to teach only recently released ones so that no matter how new you are to dancing, you are on the same level as everyone else on the dance floor. 

The biggest difference Patti has noticed over the past year is the electric energy in the building. She feels that walking through the doors makes all stress disappear. The people are so amazing, friendly, kind, loving, and just plain fun. I can attest to that statement; every time I have been at Thirsty, everyone is incredibly welcoming. The staff members are all top-notch and the dancers know how to have a great time. It helps that they all LOVE their instructor and she reciprocates their adoration.  

When I contacted Patti for this article, we chose a date for me to take her lesson on a Wednesday night in May. Patti asked me if I would teach a dance; I had previously taught there for a workshop (see my article here in April 2022 for more about that event). I was honored and happy to teach on that stage again; I continue to be impressed with Patti’s social media presence. She really knows how to market herself and her classes! 

Patti’s favorite dance to teach is anything that “everyone” gets; nothing is better than seeing the whole dance floor full of happiness. She has several dances that she likes to do; when I was there for the lesson, she taught: 

Check her out on YouTube: 

Patti Pisoni YouTube Channel

She also taught this dance: 

New Truck

I was happy to teach this dance, on Patti’s request: 


Finally, I asked her if she has choreographed any dances to which she answered: “Yes, and I am so fortunate that the dancers at Thirsty are so receptive. They give me life!” My response to that: “AMEN!” 

Dori Yez no longer teaches Country Line Dancing; next month’s article will explain more. 

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