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RDNA – High Energy Eclectic Music in Their Genes


In August, I checked a local festival’s entertainment schedule and noticed a band I had never heard of; I read their background and was intrigued by their name and history. I took my friend Linda and we both enjoyed RDNA so much that I felt compelled to write this article. I reached out to RDNA and mentioned that I caught their act; I received an enthusiastic response from Nico, one of the founders, and emailed him a list of questions. 

As you already know, I am a dancer; however, while watching RDNA in action, I was content with staying in my chair and watching the band’s energetic performance! Many people, young and old, were on the dance floor. As I looked around at the crowd who chose to remain seated, we all were clapping, toe-tapping, and singing along to the various genres through the decades that these young men flawlessly performed. One of the key takeaways of an RDNA show is their energy; the set list for a show is often determined on the spot by playing off the crowd’s engagement and what they think the audience would like the most! 

RDNA started when twin brothers Nico and Marco Morgione, along with Nick Speziale, began playing music together in 2014 after meeting at shows where Youngstown’s House Band was playing. Marco and Nico’s uncle, Mark DeVicchio, is the lead singer in that well-known local band and Nick Speziale’s father, Carmen, is the drummer. All three grew up surrounded by music and idolized their musical family members! RDNA was officially formed in 2015, once the three were able to recruit a bass player and lead guitar player. Their first public show was at Kelly’s Bar in Youngstown. They continued playing small shows there and in other bars (East Side Civics and Crickets) then branched out to bigger and more diverse venues. While RDNA has had several musicians in the band over time, it has always consisted of Marco, Nico, and Nick. 

The band was named by Marco and Nico’s dad, Vince Morgione, with inspiration from their uncle, Mark DeVicchio. Nick, Nico, and Marco had a difficult time deciding on a name for the band and played many shows without one early in their musical journey. While playing a show in 2015, Mark spontaneously introduced the band as “DNA and the Genes,” and while the name is certainly interesting, it did not win over the hearts of Nico, Marco, and Nick. Marco and Nico’s dad took inspiration from the name developed by Mark and had the idea of “RDNA” because music runs in “our” DNA. It all seemed to click after this name was suggested and the three agreed on it afterwards. 

RDNA members range in age from 22-25 years old; at those young ages, I am impressed with their musicality and seemingly unending scope of genres and decades, from the 1950’s through present day! Marco and Nico typically pick the songs that the band plays with collaboration from all the members. The band is comprised of the three founders: Nico Morgione (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Marco Morgione (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Nick Speziale (vocals, drums); Nik Killa joined in 2019 (lead guitar); Nate Yingling joined in 2021 (vocals, bass). The band is frequently joined on stage by Giovanni DeVicchio (17-year-old cousin of Marco and Nico, and son of Mark DeVicchio) on vocals and guitar; Garret Kuchmaner on saxophone, and Darren Thompson on trumpet. 

You can learn about their upcoming events by following them on Facebook (RDNA) and Instagram @official_rdna. If anyone is interested in booking the band, email them at, or message through their social media pages. RDNA will be playing their first public show in Cleveland on February 2 & 3 at Welcome to The Farm Country Bar in the Flats! Take my advice and go to this show; they know hundreds of songs. The one thing they keep in mind when choosing music is the crowd; you can sing along or dance! 

Dori Yez will continue to write her monthly article here; and may also “guest instruct” at local venues/events! 

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