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Ryan Hurd Returns to Dusty Armadillo


Ryan Hurd has written songs for some of Country Music’s biggest names including his first #1 in 2015, “Lonely, Tonight,” which was recorded by Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe. His second #1 as a songwriter came last year with “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” by Luke Bryan. The Kalamazoo, Michigan native signed with Sony Nashville in 2017 and now can bring his own music to the stage, which he will do on May 17 at Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown.

Hurd took some time out of his schedule to share a little about his To A T Tour, working with his wife Maren Morris and what he likes to do while on the road.

Do you have a favorite memory on the To A T Tour?
I don’t have one specific memory, but I’ve really enjoyed playing for everyone that has come out to see me. I’ve never really gotten to do my own show, so seeing people hear my songs and coming there just because they’ve become a fan of my music has been really gratifying. I’ve enjoyed every single night – getting to sing to people who sing the words back, want to have me sign something or take photos; it’s been really special. 

Have you ever played in Cleveland before? Could you tell us about that show? If not, what are you most looking forward to?
I’ve played this venue before, and it’s one of the loudest of venues we get to play in country music. The cool part is because everybody has played there. I love playing in the Midwest, because I’m from the Midwest as well, and I feel like those are my people. There are so many country music fans in Ohio, and it’s just really exciting any time you get to play to people who are that pumped up about our genre and also about my songs.

Do you have any dream collaboration to perform with?
I really love working with Maren whenever I have the opportunity to do that, but that’s kind of natural and makes a lot of sense because we’ve been doing it for so long. But yeah, I love to interact with people in Nashville. I feel like just being a songwriter in Nashville, it’s like you get to have meeting and collaboration every single day that you get to write a song. As far as performance, I just try to do songs as it comes and collaborations that would be cool. I really like Tenille Townes. I think her voice is incredible, and that would be a fun one too.

If not music, what would you want to do as a profession?
I would love to do something in sports. Because we do country music, we have so many opportunities to meet players and go to fun events in sports, and I have really enjoyed the doors that music has opened for me there. So, if I wasn’t doing music, I would love to something in sports, either baseball or in hockey, just because I’m a fan.

Do you have a favorite new country group or musician or artist?
I love Hayley Whitters; she’s really an amazing artist and receiving a lot of attention right now. She’s always been an incredible, incredible songwriter, and I’m excited that she’s given some recognition.

Do you have a dream venue or city performance?
Well, it was Joe’s in Chicago, and excited to say we just sold that out. I think Red Rocks is everybody’s pinnacle. That’s just an iconic theater and amphitheater. I think anyone is excited to just go to a show there, so if I get to play on that stage, it would be a dream come true.

Yeah. Do you have a favorite song to perform live?
I’d do Michigan for the Winter, it’s my favorite. People really respond to that tune, and it’s about my hometown so I really enjoy playing that one.

Do you have any go-to meals on the road?
I love eating whatever the thing that the town is known for. So in Philly, we eat cheesesteaks. In New York, we did so much of great pizza. So anything that the town is known for is what I like doing on the road.

Is there anything you would like to tell the fans in Cleveland or in the area?
I’m excited about coming and playing for people that are like me, because I’m from the Midwest as well. I love Ohio country music fans – they’re some of the craziest and some of the most raving fans that we have, so getting to play there is such a treat.

Ryan Hurd will be performing along with special guest Ryan Beaver on Friday, May 17 at Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown. Tickets are $10/Advance; $15/Day of Show and available at 18+ over show.

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