20 Questions

Scott Heaton – Keeping an Eye on Country Music


20 Questions is our opportunity to talk with various people in the country music industry.  Everyone from musicians and singers to public relations and concert crew’s.

This month we talk to Scott Heaton – who works Security at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, and does a lot of other jobs there, too!  Heaton has been working at the country club for three years and works alongside national country acts when they appear at the venue.

  1. How long have you worked security at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina?

“I have been doing it for just under 3 years now.”

  1. What was it that interested you about the job?

“At first it was just about helping out at the bar that I frequented, and it just kinda grew from there.”

  1. Do you like country music/or did you before you started working at Thirsty Cowboy?

“I have been a fan of country music since being a kid, growing up on acts like The Judds, Alabama, Lee Greenwood and Randy Travis. It just grows on you.”

  1. How long is a typical day when a national act comes to the club?

“Depending on the arrival time of the main act, you could easily be looking at a 12-14 hour day at the bar.”

  1. What are some of the things you do when working that no one realizes?

“One of the biggest things is cleaning empty drinks around the club. You wouldn’t think it is a big thing, but those things tend to build up.”

  1. What is one of the best parts of the job?

“Best part would definitely being able to work along side acts that you are a fan of, or even better, when they are in the beginning of their career and you get to meet them before they are big news.”

  1. What is one of the worst parts of the job?

“Worst part is probably just dealing with someone who has had to much to drink. It’s hard to know what to expect. One of the biggest things to always remember, as silly as it sounds; Be nice. Yes, just like Patrick Swayze said in roadhouse, just be nice. Remembering that people are there for a good time and to see a national act on a more intimate level is what’s the importance.”

  1. Do you miss working the national shows during the summer months?

“It does make for a longer summer knowing all the shows go to county fairs and Blossom Music Center…lol.”

  1. Are the country bands/artists easy to work with for you?

“Almost every act that has been at Thirsty Cowboy has been great to work with from load in through load out. You just go in with a natural respectful attitude and they will end up giving it back to you. They are real people.”

  1. Do you have any favorite national acts that have come to the club?

“I was always a fan of Joe Nichols and Chris Cagle, so getting to work with them was awesome. New acts like Drake White, Drew Baldridge and Kelsea Ballerini were great as well.”

  1. Who are some of the nicest people from the national acts that you have met while working security for shows at Thirsty Cowboy?

“Some of the nicest have been Drew Baldridge and his crew, Drake White and his. Even opening acts like Josh Phillips, Morgan Wallen, Haley Georgia and Morgan Myles were nice people and crews to work around.”

  1. What are some of the highlights interacting and meeting the country bands/acts?

“Highlights are at the end of the day maybe getting a picture, cd, autograph for my daughter. Those things get me “cool dad” points. A big highlight was singing with William Michael Morgan randomly after the show to songs from the movie Pure Country. That was pretty cool.”

  1. What are some of the worst things you remember about any national bands/acts?

“At most shows it’s a pretty calm environment, just folks trying to have a good time. One band happened to hype the crowd up a little to much and we had a couple fights to break up.”

  1. Have you ever had any trouble with groupies or people that don’t take “no” for an answer?

“The “groupies” are always fun. Most are understandable and do what you ask easily, I can only recall one that gave me some issues.”

  1. What local/regional country acts do you like?

“Local acts like Mark Leach and County Line Band have always been good to work with and get to know through the years.”

  1. How are the folks who come to Thirsty Cowboy?

“You will get your diverse crowd at Thirsty Cowboy. Probably best description of the demographic is 20-45. They just want to get out, dance, enjoy some music, have some beverages and unwind. Treat them right and you’ll make some good friends out of the regular crowd.”

  1. Would you miss the job if/when you ever leave?

“I’d miss getting to meet the acts when they are just regular people. It’s different then a meet and greet at the larger venues like Blossom.”

  1. Do you go to other venues for shows and watch how the security there is doing their job?

“I’ve watched some at Blossom, or Dusty Armadillo.”

  1. Did you grow up around Medina area?

“I’ve grown up in Medina since around 7 years old.”

  1. What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

“I’m an avid hiker/amateur nature photographer of local parks and sometimes I’ll venture to other states to check theirs as well.”