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Teddy Robb Has Always Been Delivering Hits


Before Teddy Robb was delivering hits to country radio, he was delivering them for Northwest High School in Canal Fulton. On one particular week in 2007 against rival Louisville, Robb’s talents on the gridiron helped his team to victory and he was named The Canton Repository’s Athlete of the Week. (check out the video below)

“I always felt like I, you know, wanted to do something crazy, and you know as a young boy it was football,” Robb said in an interview last year. “That was kind of my childhood.”

He moved on to play football at Kent State University, but after his time was over on the field he was struggling to find “what’s next.”

“It was like I was brokenhearted, because my identity was football and that was kind of done,” he remembered. “I was at Kent State finishing my undergrad and I felt pretty broken. I just didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do with life, and I’d always wanted to play music and I didn’t really you know think of it as a career. I thought a bit more as like kind of an escape, and I picked up guitar, and literally since then I haven’t put it down.”

Since then Robb moved to Nashville and then to Colorado, where a chance meeting would lead to a record deal with Sony Nashville. He released his first single, “I Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You,” to critical acclaim and then the pandemic hit. All tours and shows were canceled, and he was left waiting to get back on the stage.

He released his single, “Heaven On Dirt” last summer and will finally get a chance to perform it live for his hometown fans as he performs at The Country Fest at Clay’s Park Resort on Saturday, June 19 at 4pm.

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