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Thirsty Cowboy Line Dance Workshop


Recently I was honored to be invited to teach for a line dance workshop at the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on March 2, 2022. They also asked another instructor named Rob Holley, so after I confirmed what songs he was using to teach, I started my quest to find out what songs the Thirsty recently taught dances to, so I wouldn’t repeat any of the same.

After checking the World Line Dance Newsletter Survey, I chose three dances:

Keep Up If You Can (a.k.a. Dancin’ Boots)

Danger Twins

Livin’ It Up

A week before the workshop I practiced the dances so I was prepared for this event. I knew a few people who planned to attend; however, for the most part, I realized I would be teaching dancers who didn’t know me. The event sold out the 70 tickets, so I expected the dance floor to be full.

The Thirsty Cowboy is slightly over an hour’s drive away from where I live; I have been there a few times in the past, so I knew the layout of the place. When I arrived, I introduced myself to the owner, Aaron, who was so kind, helpful, and welcoming. I also spoke with the other instructor, who wanted me to teach first, and then we would alternate lessons.

Aaron told me that I should teach from the stage, mainly because they have a video system that displays the stage on large screens throughout the bar. So, if you can’t actually see me, you can see what I’m doing on the screens. I welcomed the crowd and taught my first dance, Keep Up If You Can, to the song “These Boots Were Made to Dance” by Clayton Smalley and Timothy Baker.

After Rob taught one of his dances, I was back onstage to teach Danger Twins to the song “Movin’” by Danger Twins. Then after another lesson by Rob, I taught my third dance, Livin’ It Up, to the song “That’s How You Know You’re Living” by Adam Warner.

The crowd was very receptive to all three of the dances I taught, as well as my teaching style. I was very humbled by their many compliments, as they came up to talk to me during my breaks offstage. I want to thank everyone who attended, along with Aaron and his staff, who all made it enjoyable for me to teach at the Thirsty Cowboy!

Dori Yez teaches Country Line Dancing at these Ohio SCOPE Centers: Howland on Monday evenings (Seasoned Beginners) and Wednesday evenings (Improver & Intermediate) plus the same level in Cortland on Friday afternoons. Due to room size and attendance, Dori can no longer accept new students in any of her classes. There is a waiting list for a new “novice/beginner” class.

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