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Toby Keith and Trace Adkins – “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”


Toby Keith has long been a supporter of the military and an outspoken patriot who makes no excuses for his stance on many issues concerning the United States of America. His views mirror that of many of his fans and other country singers including Trace Adkins.

During a concert a few years ago in Noblesville, Indiana, Keith’s fans knew that he would bring out the anthem “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” a song that has become synonymous with him and a standard for country radio on patriotic holidays. But, what they had no idea of was that Adkins would join him for a performance that brought chills to the crowd. (watch the video below)

As normal, Keith kicked off the song with his American flag guitar and sang the first verse before taking a slight pause, at that point another voice came over the speakers. It was was Adkins, who came out to the stage with a single spotlight on him and a roar of approval from the crowd.

As Adkins made his way to center stage, he fist bumped Keith in a brotherly solidarity of their convictions which were represented in the lyrics. “We’ll put a boot in your ass, and it’s the American way.” Many have called those lyrics representative of a simple minded America, but for Keith it was more about standing up for his country.

Keith stated the he wrote “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” in about 20 minutes, one week after 9/11, and thought about what his father would have said after the attacks. His father was a veteran who lost his right eye and did fly a flag in their yard.

His initial intention was to play the song for troops while he was on USO tours and never intended it to be a commercial release. However, after playing it for Pentagon brass in Washington, the Marine Corps commandant said, according to Keith, “You have to release it. You can serve your country in other ways besides suiting up in combat.”

We’re sure glad he did!

Toby Keith and Trace Adkins – “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”

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