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Trent Harmon Brings Talent and Fans to Dusty Armadillo


American Idol winner Trent Harmon visited the Dusty Armadillo this past Saturday (4/29). The Mississippi native gave a killer performance that showed off his crazy talent. He also has one of the most loyal fan bases I have ever seen. Fans traveled from Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and so many other places simply to share their support.

Harmon covered many artists including Keith Urban and Chris Stapleton, and did these artists justice with his astounding vocals. Harmon also performed many of his own songs including his hit “There’s A Girl” and “Her.” His performance was very energetic with his amazing guitar playing and also with him bouncing around the entire stage.

In an interview with Harmon, he disclosed that Ohio has supported him as much as his home state of Mississippi. “I don’t know what y’all put in your water here in Ohio, but I told my boys to get ready because Ohio always brings something special.”

After the show, Harmon and his boys even stayed after to enjoy drinks with the fans, and the fans could not get enough. It is easy to see why he has such loyal and amazing fans. He has worked very hard to see the success that he has, and it is nice that fame has not changed his character.

Harmon has a combination of traits many wish they had, like stunning vocals, energy like the Energizer Bunny, as well as a great personality that stays true to what he believes in. What an amazing show by an amazing group of people.

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