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WQMX Hosts Concert Showcase with Trent Tomlinson


On Thursday April 27 there was a special Country Night Out at Legends in Green, as WQMX 94.9 brought Trent Tomlinson to town for a Free Concert Showcase as part of his radio tour to support his latest CD release, “That’s What’s Working Right Now.”

Tomlinson had some previous success in 2006 with three top 40 singles from his debut album, “Country Is My Rock.” He played those singles, “Drunker Than Me,” “One Wing In the Fire,” which was dedicated to his father, and “Just Might Have Her Radio On,” as part of the eleven song set he performed for the packed house at Legends. The acoustic show featured several stories behind the songs as well as popular covers “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Country Boy Can Survive,” and “Purple Rain,” which was a special request from a loyal fan in the front row.

Trent Tomlinson is enjoying great success with the current Brett Young single “In Case You Didn’t Know,” which he co-wrote. His mother inspired this song, as that is a phrase she often says to him, and he thought it was an idea that would appeal to everyone to always tell those special people in your life how you feel about them.

The new record is a chronicle of Tomlinson’s life over the past seven years: love, divorce, and finding new love again. The audience eagerly received his new songs, which included “Dust,” about ending a relationship and putting the pedal to the metal on your way out of it, and “Don’t Blow My Cover,” about meeting a girl and trying not to let on too soon about how he feels about her.

Trent Tomlinson has a knack for writing music creatively, about subjects that are close to his heart. His songs tell interesting stories and are a good fit for country radio. There are some excellent tunes on Tomlinson’s new record that will hopefully be heard on the radio waves in the very near future.

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