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Zach Bryan Releases Self-Titled Fourth Studio Album


Country fans are celebrating this weekend as Zach Bryan’s new album was released today (Aug. 25). The self-titled album includes 16-tracks that incorporate indie rock, folk and Americana to create Bryan’s unique country sound.

The project begins with a poem – “Fear & Fridays” and also includes four collaborations — The War And Treaty on “Hey Driver,” Sierra Ferrell on “Holy Roller,” Kacey Musgraves on “I Remember Everything” and The Lumineers on “Spotless.”

Bryan first leaked a little about the album on social media earlier this year, sharing parts of songs to Instagram. He officially announced the album earlier this month, sharing the cover artwork on social media in addition to a clip of him singing with The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz. In a caption for the post, Bryan called the band “some of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to.”

Although most fans were happy with the release, many could not hide their disappointment in the fact that “Deep Satin” was not included on the track list. However, Bryan explained on Twitter that he chose not to include the song because he wanted the album to be entirely self-produced and he did not have a hand in producing “Deep Satin.”

He did let fans know that “Deep Satin” along with “a few more songs” will be released over  the next few months.

“I won’t keep anyone waiting I promise, I love you guys and I am so grateful I get to grow through this life with y’all,” Bryan wrote.

“Really proud to call the writing and production on somethin’ all mine,” Bryan admitted. “thank y’all for your patience, I didn’t make this album to appease people who will never be happy anyways, I made it for my people, hope everyone has a good weekend.”

Zach Bryan Track List:

1. “Fear & Fridays (Poem)”
2. “Overtime”
3. “Summertime’s Close”
4. “East Side of Sorrow”
5. “Hey Driver” (Feat. War and Treaty)
6. “Fear and Fridays”
7. “Ticking”
8. “Holy Roller” (Feat. Sierra Ferrell)
9. “Jake’s Piano / Long Island”
10. “El Dorado”
11. “I Remember Everything” (Feat. Kacey Musgraves)
12. “Tourniquet”
13. “Spotless” (Feat. The Lumineers)
14. “Tradesman”
15. “Smaller Acts”
16. “Oklahoma Son”


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