On The Homefront

A Backwoods Country Boy with a Passion for Country Music


With summer comes the time of fairs and festivals and lots of great country music. There is already a long list of events all over our region, and one guy you definitely need to see live as you make plans is Chris Higbee.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Higbee started a love for music at an early age and was taking violin lessons by age 7. He was determined to make it and influenced by his father’s work ethic and personality. “He was a hard headed self starter, stated Higbee. “I learned quickly that if you want something in life you have to go and get it yourself. No hand outs, no gifts, no easy street.”

Higbee formed the Povertyneck Hillbillies in 2000. The group made it’s way around the country playing shows and releasing records along the way. They ended up parting ways in 2009, which opened the door for Higbee to pursue a solo career.

The country music performer filled the stage with his vocals, his fiddle and on any one of a number of instruments he plays. “I went to college to for music so I can play a lot. Play well… that’s a different story,” Higbee joked.

Higbee grew a name for himself everywhere from Pittsburgh to Cleveland and Nashville to New York. His stage presence and energy was his calling card and his schedule quickly grew. He would play Country bars to hundreds and amphitheater shows for thousands. Higbee brings the same enthusiasm to every show he plays. “I made my mind up a long time ago that if I’m playing for 3 or 300,000 they are gonna get the same show,” he admitted. “I find something awesome about every show. Whether it’s the people, or the view from stage, or the guys around me jamming out.”

He looks at each show this way, he explained. “My motivation comes from deep inside. I want to entertain people. I want people smiling and enjoying those 2 hours that I have their attention. I want to surprise them and make them remember me, and my show. I want to have fun on stage and push the limits on everything. “ He then added, “Music comes from the heart in lyric, melody and energy.”

The multi-talented performer often surprises his audience by starting a song on stage, and then will disappear only to reemerge somewhere else in the venue playing his fiddle the entire time.

His schedule is proof that Higbee’s work ethic is as much a part of his life on stage, as it is off. His line up of shows this summer includes numerous stops at Presque Isle Downs & Casino in Erie, PA; The Great Geauga, Clark, Greene, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, Brown and Delaware County Fairs in Ohio; Wounded Warrior Concert in New York; an FOP Frundraiser in Akron and many more.

With a long list of shows he has played and national Country acts that he has opened for, the biggest thrill for Higbee is one closer to his heart. “I have played in front of more people that you can actually see at some of the biggest venues in the country. I can tell you without a doubt my number one highlight of all time happens every time I watch my wife, son, and daughter perform on stage and get that look on the their face that can only come from what we do.”

“My wife supports what I do 100%. Although it gets tough on us all with her being away as a First Sergeant in the United States Army, we do what we gotta do and keep our chin up. She is the strongest person I know and thank God everyday she is on my side,” Higbee stated. “I write a lot about my wife and what she does for our country and the sacrifice she has made and has to make everyday.”

Higbee spends a lot of his time off stage with his children and can be found outdoors doing activities that include everything from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping. He also spends a lot of his time on achieving even more in Country music. “Well obviously I work day in and day out to get to the top. Everything I do from writing, albums, live show, etc. is lined up to get the next big break. I am coming out with a six-song EP soon and my hopes is to plug it to the powers that be and try and get on a national tour and take over the world with my music.”

Higbee will be working hard this summer to keep him moving towards that goal. When you see him perform you will quickly realize that it’s not just something that he does, but who he is. And, his explanation of his love for what he does is pretty simple. “Energy, excitement, passion and a backwoods country boy throwing everything he can at the crowd to get a reaction.”

Chris Higbee’s full schedule of shows can be found at his website Here and you can follow him on his Facebook page Here.