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A Dozen Things You May Not Know About Kenny Chesney


Kenny Chesney does reveal a little about himself in his music, but he’s still a very private person that tends to keep his personal life off social media. So, here is a list of 12 things that even the Chesney superfan might not know about the 50-year-old singer who brings his Trip Around The Sun Tour to Blossom Music Center tonight (June 6).

1. He showers three times a day

Chesney has shared that he can’t stand to be sticky, so he showers several times everyday. When it comes to his choice of ways to lather up, he prefers a bodywash to the usual bar of soap.

2. He bites his fingernails

He may not have a lot of bad habits, but one he has had since childhood is biting his nails. He has stated that he has tried everything to try and stop except hypnosis.

3. He wrote his first song for a girl

In 2010 he told Jay Leno that he wrote the song as part of a persuasion class, but he wasn’t able to get the girl to get romantic with him. He may have better luck these days.

4. He has a Goldendoodle named Pancho

Well, maybe most fans know this one. A friend gave Chesney the pooch in 2012 and said, ‘Here, Kenny, you have to learn to attach to something.’ “God’s honest truth,” he said at the time. “Now, I love the guy.” Chesney’s love of animals stretches beyond his own dog, as he helped the rescue efforts of over 100 dogs and cats earlier this year that were affected by hurricanes in U.S. Virgin Islands. His Love for Love City foundation reportedly paid for the plane’s fuel to get them safely to Florida.

5. His first show paid him $5

The very first gig that Chesney played was for $5 and all-you-can-eat enchiladas. He is now getting paid a little better and has a net worth of approximately $250 million dollars.

6. He really doesn’t think his tractor is sexy

He shared that he does own a tractor, actually two of them. Though neither have been known to get the ladies in the mood for any late-night romance. The fact is in reference to his hit “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” of which Chesney says, “I was smart enough to record that song, but I was smart enough also not to record another one.”

7. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a guilty pleasure

“I love it. Just a plain grilled cheese with extra salt,” Chesney told People. “I wrote a song called ‘Red Wine and Grilled Cheese.’ I’ll put it on a record some day,” he said in 2010.  His usual menu everyday consists of a lot of carrot sticks and egg whites, it’s also how he dropped 40 pounds.

8. He replaced his treadmill with a bike

In 2010, the singer revealed that he was really into cycling for a year. He stated that he bought all sorts of cycling equipment and clothing and really appreciated how it took his mind off of everything. “I was channeling Lance Armstrong,” he joked. The move came after he just about wore the belt of his treadmill after his 2005 breakup with Renee Zellweger. The union lasted less than a year. While the singer is fanatical about his health and fitness, he does allow himself Sundays off.

9. He’s proud of his bald head

Chesney first realized he was balding when he was just 17 or 18, and it did bother him a little then. “But it doesn’t at all now,” he stated. “What’s ironic about it is that friends of mine in their 30s and 40s are just starting to lose their hair and are freaking out. I went through all that in high school.”

10. He was supposed to be filming at the World Trade Center on 9/11

Chesney was supposed to be shooting the video for “The Tin Man” on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City. The 1994 single was being re-released and if it weren’t for some poor planning by the production crew he would have been there on the day the attacks happened. When he saw the news on television, he says he felt like an angel was watching out for him.

11. He’s been arrested

This may not be the biggest secret either, but Chesney and long time friend Tim McGraw were arrested together back in 2000. Chesney mounted a policeman’s horse in public while McGraw held officers back. They later went to trial and were acquitted.

12. He pays his crew very well

If you are on Chesney’s road crew you can get paid in bonuses, too. They hold a “merch” lottery after shows and whoever’s name is drawn from the hat gets all of the money from that night’s merchandise sales.  He also takes everyone who works for him and their families on an all expense paid trip to the Virgin Islands.

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