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Ashley McBryde inducted into Grand Ole Opry family


Ashley McBryde was officially inducted as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night (Dec. 10). She was officially inducted as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry tonight by fellow member Terri Clark. The induction moment came after Clark and McBryde collaborated on tune “Girl Goin’ Nowhere,” the song that had earned McBryde a standing ovation on the night of her Opry debut, June 16, 2017.

Clark noted that McBryde knelt to kiss the Opry circle on that debut evening. “Right then we all knew you belonged here,” she said. “The Opry is a family and my sister, you have earned your spot at the table.”

McBryde then shared her emotions about the induction and ‘how is this real life?’ moments including Wynonna Judd surprising her before the show.  “This moment is the biggest of my life. And if it’s your first time to be at the Opry, this is what it feels like every time you are here. It looks like it’s made of brick and mortar, but it is pure, pure love. That is what you are experiencing. Thank you. I know what this means. I know what my responsibilities are, and I take this very seriously. And God Bless country music.

After the induction ceremony McBryde performed with a surprise guest, Eric Church. The two joined to play “Bible and a .44.” A solo acoustic set from Church concluded the evening’s first show.

McBryde’s October invitation to join the Opry occurred during her live on air in-studio appearance on CBS Mornings in New York City. Garth Brooks, who was live on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, made the virtual surprise invite and it marked the first time Brooks has invited someone to become a member as he remarked McBryde would be, “part of a family that keeps growing.”

“What a great night for country music and what a great addition to the Opry,” said Opry Executive Producer Dan Rogers. “Watching Ashley on stage tonight, I think almost everyone in the room as well as those tuned in could feel a collective approving nod from those who have come before as well as the sense that the future is wide open for this new member and for this show edging closer to its landmark 100th year.”

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