On The Homefront

Battle for the Jam Roster Announced


Thirsty Cowboy in Medina announced the bands that will be playing in the Battle for the Jam on Thursdays in July.  Each week the club hosts two bands that each get a 45 minute set to play for the crowd.  The winner will play at Thirsty Cowboy at the WGAR Country Jam on Saturday, August 6th at Black River Landing in Lorain.

The Battle for the Jam roster is:

July 7th   – Eric Street & Country Corner Band (8pm)  /  Tyler Reid (9pm).

July 14th – Chad Baker and the Undertakers (8pm)  /  Erica Dawn (9pm).

July 21st  – Blue Moonshine (8pm)  /  County Line Band (9pm).

July 28th – Kyle Thomas & Big Machine (8pm)  /  Matt VanFossen (9pm).

Some really great acts on the roster for the event.  Some that have played at Thirsty Cowboy before, and some that will be making their debut during the Battle for the Jam.  It is a great opportunity for country music fans to catch two great bands in a show that should be packed with the best each has to offer.

In addition to the Country Jam performance, the winners will also receive a custom back drop for the band to use at the Jam and keep for future shows and tickets to the Jam for family & friends.  The winning act will also be included in the radio and and other advertising and will be booked on a Saturday later this year at the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina.

The winner will be determined through various criteria including Music (not only choice but performance), Stage Presence & Crowd Interaction, Appearance & Personality and Crowd Applause.  A lot of the winning will have to do with the crowd. So, if you have a favorite, plan to be at the club that night and make some noise! If you don’t have a favorite come out and enjoy a great night of music from two great country bands every Thursday night in July.

Brian from the WGAR Morning Show will be on hand Thursdays from 8:00pm – 10:00pm at Thirsty Cowboy, too. WGAR will be doing a Scan ‘n Win and you can also get your Country Jam tickets at the event.

The best part is that the Battle for the Jam Thursdays are FREE, with no cover charge!!