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Chase Rice starts two-night run of the Pub Show at Dusty Armadillo


When Chase Rice first started his career he played in many dive bars and small clubs and knew that connecting with the crowds at these live shows would be the cornerstone for his success. His ability to find a way to make a bond with crowds was evident from the start and led to him performing at some of the largest festivals, arenas and stadiums. But, Rice hasn’t lost that love to get back to his roots and started last year performing on the “Pub Show” – a name taken from his own traveling backstage hang called “Pub 44.”

The shows have taken Rice back to a lot of the smaller clubs he played as he was working his way upward, including the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown where he makes a two-night stop on his intimate tour.

“We’ve been touring nonstop for the past six years and have had the opportunity to play some of the biggest stages in the country, which has been incredible,” said Rice about the tour last year. “The fans have shown up and been there for us every day since the very beginning, so we wanted to do something for them and give them a different vibe and experience with some of these smaller shows. We’ve poured a lot into this album (Lambs & Lions), and I can’t wait to get out there and share our new songs with fans face-to-face.”

Chase Rice will be performing on his “Pub Show” at Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown, Ohio on Thursday, May 31 (9pm) and on Friday, June 1 (10pm). There is a limited amount of tickets left for the Thursday performance and are available at; the Friday night show has long been Sold Out.

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