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Chris Lane Brings High Energy Show to Dusty Armadillo


The Dusty Armadillo fans showed up on Saturday, December 17 to get their last “fix” of the Dusty Armadillo 2016 Concert Series. Upon arrival the line was wrapped around the building waiting for the doors to open at 7:00. Cleveland Country Magazine contest winner Angella Rose stated, “We’re freezing but it’s all gonna be worth it when we get to see Chris Lane perform.” Rose who won the meet and greet contest on our Facebook page was most excited to see the boy band montage that Lane frequently performs in his set.

Northern Ohio Lane fans sure have had their fair chance of opportunities to see him in 2016. Lane performed at Blossom Music Center in June on the Rascal Flatts/Kelsea Ballerini Tour. He also performed in Athens, Ohio at Country Night Lights and at WGAR Country Jam in August. Needless to say we think Chris Lane may have a thing for Ohio and we can definitely say Ohio feels the same about him.

Getting the show jammin’ was country newcomer Spencer Crandall. Crandall got the energy flowing singing some of his song off his EP including his newest single “Do It All Again” which the Dusty crowd loved. We are anxious to hear more from Crandall in the new year.

Next up on Saturday Night lineup was Morgan Wallen and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed his set. Born and raised in Tennessee, Wallen moved to Nashville in July of 2015 and got signed to Big Loud Records later that year. His new single “The Way I Talk” is climbing the charts and the crowd sang along to every word. Wallen brought his soul and energy to every song he sang and by the end of his set the crowd was ready for more.

Chris Lane came out the energy went to all time high. Crossing all genres of music from “Wrecking Ball” and “Whip Nay Nay” to a boy band medley that melted the hearts of the first 5 rows. Chris Lane have everyone the “Fix” they wanted. Lane also brought one lucky female fan on stage and serenaded her to one of his song of his new album “Girl Problems.” Lane slowed it down for a minute with his new single “For Her,” but then turned it right back up when he let each band member take the lead and sing a song. Lane’s brother almost turned the show in to a Magic Mike type show but Lane said “I won’t let my brother try and out perform me.” Lane was like the energizer bunny he jut doesn’t stop and if you haven’t seen him yet in concert make sure you add him to your bucket list.

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