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“Crankin’ It Up” at the Q


Colt Ford is an American musician from Georgia, who at one time was a professional golfer, until a leg injury redirected his talents to Country music blended with Rap.

It was his high-energy song, “Crank It Up,” released December 1, 2014, that motivated me to choose as one of the songs for our Thirsty Cowboy Dance Team to perform at the Cavs/Clippers game on December 1, 2016 at the Q Arena (ironically same date of as his release date in 2014).

This dance was carried back from Michigan by one of my dancers, Kris G., after a visit to his home state earlier in 2016.  I loved the dance but couldn’t find the choreography for it online, so immediately I made the notes, wrote up the steps, and taught it at one of my dance lessons at Thirsty Cowboys, in Medina.  Since then, it has earned the title as one of our “house favorites.”

The Thirsty Cowboy Dance Team at the Q Arena.

The song has such an infectious beat to it, so I merged it with the song “Fake ID” (released by Big and Rich from the movie Footloose), and then closed out our performance with a very appropriate tribute to the Cavs team and their fans with “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

The dance to “Crank It Up” is a contra dance, meaning dancers face opposite of one another and cross each other’s path while doing the dance. Ford writes many of his own songs, including his co-writing collaboration with Brantley Gilbert on the well-known Grammy nominated “Dirt Road Anthem” released by Jason Aldean in April 2011. “Crank It Up” was produced by Kevin Kadish who Ford met through Rich Redmond who plays drums for Jason Aldean. Ford told me in his interview that the song was a chance for him to push himself, and that Kadish really helped get the most out of him and the song just came to life. “It jumps out of the speakers and really rocks live.”

Ford also does not hesitate to show his respect for our veterans, on and off the stage.  His years of fundraisers, and commitment to our servicemen and women, has labeled him as one of our country artists today who recognizes what they have done for our country.  When I asked Ford what his motivation was, he said, “I have Family that has served…and the truth is we should all have passion and respect for the men and women that provide our freedom. I will never stop with My Support and I am truly disappointed in anyone who does not support them. It does not matter if we agree or disagree with the cause, but the fact is their sacrifices allow us our freedom. God Bless them all.”

Deborah Siebert with Colt Ford at Dusty Armadillo.

Ford’s concerts are never a disappointment, and he has performed recently at the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown and also a few times at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, where he will return to on March 4. His high energy performances, his dancing on the stage like no one is watching, his unwavering interaction with his fans, his love for the American flag and what it represents, will surely be his signature of the successful and caring Country Rap artist that he is today.

Colt Ford will be performing at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on Saturday, March 4 with special guests Shawn Perry & The Hazzard County Rebellion. Tickets for the show are $19 and available at

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