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Chris Stapleton Unveils Tracks for His New Album From A Room: Vol. 1


On Thursday night Chris Stapleton revealed what will be the tracks on his next album, From A Room: Volume 1 due out May 5, with Volume 2 to follow. Two albums in one year from the reigning CMA Male Vocalist of the year can never be a bad thing.

The singer hosted the listening party at Nashville’s historic RCA: Studio A the “Room” that the title of the album refers to.  Studio A was where Stapleton cut both volumes of his upcoming albums, along with his Grammy-winning debut album Traveller. The place was once run by Music Row legends Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley, and Dolly Parton, Charley Pride and Willie Nelson are among the Country greats who have recorded there. “We camped out here a couple of months,” Stapleton told the crowd of recording the albums in the historic venue.

Volume 1 proves again that Stapleton may speak softly, but his singing is powerfully strong. Highlights of the new Vol. 1 include “Second One to Know,” which the singer premiered at the ACM Awards on Sunday, and the ballad “Either Way.” Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, Stapleton’s powerful vocals on the song (“You can go or you can stay/I won’t love you either way”) left the listening crowd in silence during the performance, then was met with the most thunderous applause of the night.

The singer’s rendition of Nelson’s 1982 hit “The Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning,” is classic Country but Stapleton’s bluesy and soulful vocals make it new again. The nine-song set (all except the Nelson song were co-written by Stapleton) is filled with blues riffs, heartbreak and loss, including “Death Row,” a poignant hymn that closes out the album.

Here is the full track listing and artwork for Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 1:

“Broken Halos” (Written by: Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson)
“Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning” (Gary P. Nunn and Donna Sioux Farar)
“Second One To Know” (Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson)
“Up To No Good Livin’” (Chris Stapleton and Casey Beathard)
“Either Way” (Chris Stapleton, Tim James and Kendall Marvel)
“I Was Wrong” (Chris Stapleton and Craig Wiseman)
“Without Your Love” (Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson)
“Them Stems” (Chris Stapleton, Jimmy Stewart and Shawn Camp)
“Death Row” (Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson)

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