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Cooper Alan Brings Two Sold Out Shows to Dusty Armadillo


Cooper Alan grew up in a family that liked all types of music, but country was always the dominating genre for the 25 year old singer and songwriter. Although Alan is the only musician in the family, it was always a way for them to bond together.

Alan attended his first concert at 5 years old, a Tom Petty show that he admits he probably slept through most of, but it lit a spark that continues to grow. He started playing guitar in the 6th grade, and formed his first band in the 8th grade. He continued playing shows while in high school and while attending UNC Chapel Hill. He received a diploma, but he also received a first hand education on performing and entertaining.

“Some people can move to Nashville when they’re 16 or 18, and be totally fine, but I just kinda needed to learn how to entertain a little more and kind of cut my teeth – it was probably the most valuable part of college,” Alan stated in an interview with Country Swag.

In March of 2020, when the world paused due to the coronavirus pandemic, Alan brainstormed to find a way to still be creative and reach fans. His girlfriend suggested TikTok, which Alan had thought up to that point was just kids dancing. He researched the app and decided to launch with his own music.

After the first year on TikTok, Alan had already racked up millions of streams. He started to garner more and more attention for his original music. He had met singer and songwriter Victoria Shaw over a year before his music hit the app. He signed a publishing deal and created a publishing company with his new mentor called, Cooped Up Records.  “New Normal” started going viral on TikTok and he and Shaw decided to treat their new venture as a real business and record company.

When covid restrictions were lifted, Alan was able to to start touring and performing on his Real Life Tour. He found that the music that he was steaming on TikTok had already become special for so many of his fans. He released his latest single, “Can’t Dance,” last November, and it quickly racked up millions of streams and views.

Alan is still on his tour and taking his music from Tikok and YouTube and bringing it to the stage. He will perform two shows this weekend at Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown (April 2 & 3). The shows have both been Sold Out for weeks.

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