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Eric Church Performs Unreleased “Old Testament Me” at CMA Fest


The CMA Fest brings out a lot of fans for Country music’s four day event and Eric Church treated his to a special performance at an unreleased song, titled “Old Testament Me.” The performance of the song came during Church’s private show on June 9, 2017 in Nashville. Watch the video below to hear the performance, as well as his opening remarks about the song and the traffic in Music City.

The song talks about how he counters hate with kindness, but not because he’s afraid of a fight.

“Yeah, I’ll never forget the way it felt / Being disciplined by the Bible Belt,” Church sings in “Old Testament Me.” The song continues, “If it were up to me, what I would do / Is treat ’em eye for eye and tooth for tooth …”

In the chorus of “Old Testament Me,” Church sings, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John / I did what you’re teaching / But if the world thinks when I turn the other cheek / That it’s a sign of weakness / Then you ain’t gonna like what you see / From Old Testament me …”

Church also performed at the 2017 CMA Music Festival as part of Friday night’s show at Nissan Stadium.

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