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Eric Sowers Band – My Kind Of Country


The Eric Sowers Band debut album, My Kind Of Country showcases the bands musical talents and really capitalizes on the vocals of Sowers. The album kicks off with the title track, written by Sowers, which is a country song reminiscent of some ’90’s country and full of fiddle, guitar, drums and lyrics that include..”4×4 hummin’, guitar strummin’, tobacco spitten, Jack D bitten, mud slingin’, the whole town singin’, Whoa, Whoa, That’s my kind of country.”

“I Got Somethin'” is a nice track that brings the tempo down a bit from the opener but still provides a lot of drive behind the vocals and guitar work. “When I Get Home” written by Dylan Kromer, Chase Dull, Neal Anderson and Sowers has the feel of an anthem for everyone who can’t wait to get home to the one they love. “Time,” shifts gears a little on the album and is the first track that Sowers did not write or co-write instead written by Shane Grove, David Latto, David Wade and Erik Westfall.

“Another One” is a beautiful song with a simple message…praying for the simple things that make life worth living – another beer, another kiss and another day. “Reckless Memory” written by Grove, Latto and Wade has the feel of a southern rock song, again the fiddle playing of Jason Roller is evident throughout the track.

“Sometimes It Floats” is a ballad that gets to you with it’s lyrics that seem like a confession of what the water of the Ohio River means to those who have lived near it or have been affected by it. “Stronger” seems to be the battle cry for many to keep on trying no matter what the odds with the lyrics “A little more faith when you fall, it only makes you stronger.”

My Kind Of Country is definitely a nice album to introduce Eric Sowers Band to country fans.  It has a little more traditional sound yet seems to incorporate some contemporary country without washing out what pureness the songs have and the message they deliver.  A great blend on the country styles and a great debut from the band.

My Kind Of Country Track Listing:

  1. “My Kind Of Country”
  2. “I Got Somethin'”
  3. “When I Get Home”
  4. “Time”
  5. “Another One”
  6. “Reckless Memory”
  7. “Sometimes It Floats”
  8. “Stronger”


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