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Truck Patch Revival – Neon Confessions


Truck Patch Revival hails from the flatland of the Mississippi Delta region, which is the home of the Blues. But, the four-member group is known for their country music heavily infused with rock and a little soul.

Their 12-track album, Neon Confessions, was released last month and has already become a well-worn favorite for their fans, and with just cause. The contemporary country rock is evident with the guitar licks on “Stomping Grounds” and “Dixie Girl” with the lyrics “were gonna’ kick it with the crickets and frogs on the creek bed tonight.” Both songs lean more on the rock, but Truck Patch Revival has the country soul that makes it all work.

With “One Star Delta Night,” written by Truck Patch Revival members Frank Caswell and Brian Sherwood the band plays to more of a ready for radio sound that has gained a lot of attention due to their well-produced video, as well. Caswell has a hand in writing most of the tracks on the album including the ballad “Come Back To Me.” The song is strong and a perfect contrast on the album. “Can’t Stay Here,” written by Sherwood, helps showcase the eclectic mix of the album with a slower tempo.

“Back Road Riding” has a little less edge and a more straight contemporary country with lyrics that roll similar to “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean. And “Tennessee” has a great sound that just seems to grow on you the more you listen to it. Both songs have been fan favorites and heavily downloaded from the iTunes library.

The mix of songs on Neon Confessions will make most contemporary country fans want to listen to the album over and over. It has a great sound and just seems to move from song to song so easily and yet each song has a different feel, but the group ties them all together so well.

Neon Confessions Track Listing:

  1. “The Way Things Were”
  2. “A Night Like This”
  3. “Come Back to Me”
  4. “Southern Summer”
  5. “Back Road Riding”
  6. “Can’t Stay Here”
  7. “Dixie Girl”
  8. “One Star Delta Night”
  9. “Stompin’ Grounds”
  10. “Tennessee”
  11. “Tennessee” (Radio Version)
  12. “One Star Delta Night” (Radio Version)