Country Dancing

Know Your Limit

As I have stated in previous articles, there are many different levels of line dances and classes. I currently teach seasoned beginners, improver, and intermediate levels. Some instructors have an “open door policy” when they always accept new students in their beginner classes. If someone wants...Read More »

You Made My Life Complete

In April 2022, I became a grandmother; I chose the nickname “Babka” which pays homage to my Polish ancestors. I have one son and daughter-in-law (Devin and Erica) and I thought they decided not to have a child; fortunately, they proved me completely wrong! 

From the time...Read More »

Somewhere in the Middle

Although my subject for this month’s article may draw some opinionated views, I must admit that during December I have interactions with people who truly believe that it is the “most wonderful time of the year” and also others who feel that it is the “most depressing time...Read More »

Down the Rabbit Hole

For those of you who personally have had a conversation with me, you know how easy it is, while telling a story, for me to go down the rabbit hole. If you don’t know what that saying refers to, it means that I can go off on...Read More »

One Last Dance

This is a follow-up to my May article about Rolling Mills Bar and Grill in Girard. At that time, I wrote this bar/dance hall was to be auctioned on May 11, 2022. The winning bidders backed out of the deal on the last day to close the sale,...Read More »

Looking Back

As I have stated before, inspiration for my articles can come from anywhere. For this month, it came to me as I was cleaning out my desk, when I found a microcassette labeled “line dance.” For those of you who might be too young to know what that is,...Read More »

From Student to Coach

Brianna Colbert and Dori Yez

In previous articles, I have mentioned my background of teaching ballet, tap, and jazz that started me on my journey as a line dance instructor. Also, during those years, I was introduced to the world of competitive baton...Read More »

Dancing and Musical Talents of DJ Jake Curry

As I have mentioned in previous articles, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different deejays. In this month’s article, I would like to share the story of meeting Jake Curry and how our lives intertwined throughout the last decade on various dance floors.

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ISO Line Dance Instructor

Over the past several months, I have lost count of the number of times I have been tagged on social media in posts titled “ISO Line Dance Instructor.” In case you live under a rock, ISO is short for “in search of” and it is used frequently by people...Read More »

People Along My Way

Recently I had the privilege of attending a production of “People Along the Way” at the Youngstown Playhouse in Youngstown, Ohio. This unique play was written by Terry Shears about impactful people from his life. The talented and diverse cast was directed by Maria Petrella-Ackley, in her directorial debut...Read More »

Thirsty Cowboy Line Dance Workshop

Recently I was honored to be invited to teach for a line dance workshop at the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on March 2, 2022. They also asked another instructor named Rob Holley, so after I confirmed what songs he was using to teach, I started my quest to find...Read More »

Line Dance Footwear

When it comes to line dancing, choice of footwear is important for comfort and safety. This month I will reveal the various shoes, boots, and accessories that I wear and have seen my students use. I am, by no means, recommending any particular brand; the decision is a personal matter...Read More »

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