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Hear Chris Stapleton’s New Single “Millionaire”


Chris Stapleton has shared a track from his upcoming album From A Room: Volume 2. The song is a soulful cover of Kevin Welch’s “Millionaire.” You can listen to the song below.

The midtempo, acoustic guitar filled song keeps things a little simpler. His band does enter the song after the first few lines of the song and his wife’s harmonies are again on point. But, it’s Stapleton’s voice and ability to share the feeling of the song that shines through.

“Love is more precious than gold / Can’t be bought, and it can’t be sold,” the Stapletons sing in the chorus of “Millionaire.” “I’ve got love, enough to spare / That’d make me a millionaire.”

“Millionaire” tells the story of no matter how wealthy you are, it is the love of someone and the love in your heart that makes you truly rich.: “When my pockets are empty and my cupboard is bare / I still feel like a millionaire.”

“Millionaire” is the lead track on From A Room: Volume 2, Stapleton’s second album of 2017. From A Room: Volume 1 was released on May 5, and Volume 2 is set for December 1. The 9-song project contains seven of which were co-written by Stapleton. In addition to “Millionaire,” the other song not penned by Stapleton is “Friendship,” originally sung by Pops Staples and written by Homer Banks and Lester Snell.


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